In weighing the advantages and disadvantages,.. I want a free account! Television started in India in September Thirdly, it is a source and a medium of information. Television can facilitate creativity.

Television has both advantages and disadvantages. If you watch quiz shows, it will help us to increase our knowledge. I want a free account! Television is considered a vast media for communication. At the national level, the whole nation usually cheers for the sportsmen and women who represent our nation in global competitions. Television carries the news from one corner of the world to another at the same time it carries so many unwanted programs.

Many people also feel the desire to watch a favourite television show every day or every week and neglect social commitments and therefore becoming anti-social.

It is the biggest problem of the television, which creates problems for the whole life. Sometimes they watch television late into the night, enjoying only few hours of productive sleep, before going on another binge of television watching.

It is also guilty of propagating stereotypes for different races. Learn more with Brainly! By watching news channels, we get updated with the things going around the world. Television can be our companion whenever we are lonely.

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Many learning programs and social programs are also telecasted in many channels. Thank Q so much sir for your cute essay its vry helpful for me. Look Up Quick Results Now! Free advantages and disadvantages of Telecommunications papers. Television carries the news from one corner of the world to another telveision the same time it carries so many unwanted programs. The first programs presented on tv mean for schools and rural area.


IELTS advantages and disadvantages questions.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television Essay

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend? We can update our self by knowing about the economy, we can also know about stock market etc.

essay on advantages and disadvantages of television 170-200 words

Post 170-20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet: The tele part comes from the Greek for far away. Kids get attracted to the advertisements and demand the same from their parents.

essay on advantages and disadvantages of television 170-200 words

Our leaders use the television primarily to communicate to us, because it is a medium that has the highest chance of reaching people. If you like the article and do comment. Children also get entertain by watching cartoons, stories that provide you moral values and lessons. Disarvantages it Helps You.

This advantage disadvantage essay is not asking for your opinion. Current news is made available with audio and visuals through television. It gives more and more entertainment to the whole family. Some people have this facility.


We can see the media interviews such as of political leaders, actors and actresses etc. Many of us find shows disadvanyages crime or violence entertaining but these are not suitable for children of young ages. When a popular character dies or something bad happens to them, the people attached to them are affected in the same way, as say when a family member or a friend succumbs to some misfortune. Lastly, television has some health benefits.

If students watch tv all the night, they cannot awake early in the morning and so their school, college activities can be affected. Lovely Professional University Apply Now.

Click to learn more https: I will introduce these advantages of TV advertisement. Channels, like Discovery, gives information about Wild life. Children may not intentionally be being exposed but by simply being in or near the same room as an older child or adult watching the programme.