So just because a woman is thin and “health? So it do have negative aspects but if we search for positive in something then we can get away with negativity in it. Because such beauty pageants only upgrade womanly status, without hurting the womanly image in front of the world in any ways. I strongly feel that beauty contests are held to sell the women who hail from the various countries. The criteria for participation in such contests must include each woman of this earth.

Beauty contest are basically for judging a person inner as well as outer beauty. Beauty contests is a way of show talent of women. Don’t think in bad view because of its a one of the art for womens. I think that beauty contests are somewhat dangerous to young children who are attracted more. Yes, we should avoid few things as well: Members, please share your views on the topic for a healthy discussion.

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood?

Their natural beauty, which may provide them an opportunity to work in modelling, fashion industry. Because such beauty pageants only upgrade womanly status, without hurting the womanly image in front of the world in any ways. Now the times come to change the view of our society about the womens. Because it is a type of racial discrimination in the view of law.

They look like dumb models posing on stage with fake smiles. For Girls or boys in highschool it is a great way to practice interviewing, learn poise and class, gain self confidence, and recieve scholarships for higher education. As external beauty is god gifted. Their spontaneity and knowledge will also be tested so.


Beauty contests are not harmful to women because unlike children, they have a choice.

It’s teaching girls the wrong thing Beauty pageants have contestd young girl to think that they have to be beautiful. The criteria for participation in such contests must include each woman of this earth.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

Such women show their artificial confidence which they do not really haveand once successful, forget all behind. The topic on the table is are beauty contests degrading womanhood. In my opinion beauty contests are not degrading women hood. Cntests beauty contest is providing the woman a good platform to show their talent and skills. Its not only the physical appearance which degrrade noticed in the woman but it tests their knowledge about various aspects, their confidence, their ability to handle situations in critical situations.

Some of my friends argue that, why do we see the bad in the beauty contests, as far as the bad is concerned we the human beings are civilized, we live in society not in jungle, protecting our shame by wearing dress is a thing that differentiate us from animals. Insecure women who watch the pageants are bound to develop a false body image and may even become anorexic or even bulimic just to look like oon queens.

Generally beauty contests not only consider beauty but also consider other aspects like their attitude, talent, inner beauty etc.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

As far as beauty is concerned, I think beauty contest considers inner as well as physical appearance, confidence, maturity level, etc. Well renowned beauty pageants are Miss World, Miss Universe etc. By beaut so we can explode our culture as well and may teach our tradition to other countries not learn the western culture from others.


Essay On Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood

Only a small group of individuals who think of themselves as “fashion freaks” can’t judge a woman on the basis of her physical appearance or sexy body or sleek looks. Beauty contest is just a platform.

I deem it as a honour to break the ice on this. Take this poll for example.

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood? – Group Discussion

Beauty contest doesn’t degrading womenhood. There are people who just expose themselves in the name of beauty but that alone does not count right?

Womanhood doesn’t mean looking beautiful or petite, doing a catwalk or talking on terrorism or world peace. So the only aspect women get to participate into are sensible and soft aspects.

Its not a disgrace to a women. Because THIS is true womanhood and not that superficial living which has no real significance!

Essay On Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood | Mistyhamel

The beauty contest is bringing back all the beauty of each and every women living in every corner of the world seeing tv programmes of beauty contest daily, or weekly etc. I believe that womanhood is a woman’s choice, and it is for her to decide. Examinations – eegrade it killed education?