This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Firstly i appreciate your photography skill. It is the favourite festival of everyone, and most of the people wait with so much excitement for this festival. In modern time, people bring a clay image of the Lord Ganesha to home or to the public pandals and do worship for ten days. After performing this puja, the Idol is slightly shifted from its place. People celebrate this festival is different ways according to their beliefs, rituals and regional tradition. A huge crowd involve in all the rituals from Ganpati Staphna means idol installation till Ganesh Visarjan means idol immersion to be part of the celebration and get blessed with wisdom and prosperity for whole year.

It brings happiness and closeness among people. Once, Ganesh was traveling through the heaven and met to Chandra. He is known as the God of beginnings. You can use these html tags: Finally, Lord Ganesh told him to keep fast on Ganesh Chaturthi with full devotion to get free from curse. Will not be published Required.

People all over India offers puja and perform various rituals to remember as well as to please the Lord on this day. Visarjan of metal and porcelain idols are done this way. With the rise of water pollution due to the submerging of Plaster of Paris idols in the water, symbolic immersion is practised nowadays as a method of adopting eco-friendly ways of immersing idols of the Lord.

essay on ganpati visarjan

They play with colours as well. Ganesh Chaturthi is that festival, in which people can enjoy it in the ten days celebration.


This is because Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated publicly. Another dish is called karanji, just like modak but differ in shape semicircular shape. Thank you once again for your comment and appreciation!

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Some people cook it through steam however some people fry visajan. It ezsay four rituals. This is how they dispose of the objects of our faith. In the ancient time, once Lord Shiva had gone for his Samadhi in the mountains of Himalayas.

With the flowing water, this Chaitanya reaches far and wide and many people benefit from them. Sandeepa Chetan September 6, 5: Certain regions do not have reservoirs with enough water for immersion. Lord Shiva added that head to the body of Ganesha.

It looks great everything in the market just like to welcome the big Hindu festival. Mumbai was seen to be the loudest as the idols of Ganesha were immersed yanpati water, bidding adieu to the Hindu God this year. At this stage, the idol is immersed into the river, sea or ocean.

Election Results Live. People offer Modak to God to make him happier as Ganesha loves Modak too much.

essay on ganpati visarjan

Latest posts by Sandeepa Chetan see all. The pandals are filled with people.

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Ganpwti was very pride for his beautifulness and laughed on Ganesha for his odd shape. It is believed that breaking coconuts on the earth on Ganesh Chaturthi ensures success by absorbing all negative energy from atmosphere. Some people perform Ganesh Visarjan on the next day of Ganesh Chaturthi however some people do on 3 rd5 th7 th10 th and 11 th day after the Ganesh Chaturthi.


A crazy scampering of the crowds follows, to get out of its way! Ganesh Visarjan is the ritual ceremony performed at the end of festival on Ananta Chaturdasi.

Ganesh Visarjan (Immersion of Idol of Shri Ganesh) and underlying science

First of all, people apply mixture of kumkum and sandalwood ob to the statue, do offerings and chant Vedic hymns, Ganapati Atharva Shirsha, Ganesha stotra and devotional songs all through the puja days. He ordered to his followers Ganas, to go for search the head. An important point regarding the immersion of Shri Ganesh Idol is that the divinity infused in the mud Idol by consecration cannot remain in it beyond one day.

Managing the crowds of this magnitude on the entire visarjan day and particularly visarjzn the Lalbaug cha Raja is not for the mild hearted. At some other places, all the sources of water are polluted, making them unsuitable for immersion of the Idol. Lakhs and lakhs of Ganesh idols are immersed in the sea as a religious ritual which makes millions of devotees dance together in prosperity. The concluding uttarpuja is the final step in augmenting the absorption ganpait these waves.

essay on ganpati visarjan