Regular taxi and bus services are available from Guwahati to Kaziranga national park. Fragments of monoliths associated with Karbi rule found scattered in the area seem to bear testimony to this assertion. Numerous forbs are present along with the grasses. Testimony to the long history of the name can be found in some records, which state that once, while the Ahom king Pratap Singha was passing by the region during the seventeenth century, he was particularly impressed by the taste of fish, and on asking was told it came from Kaziranga. A brief description and report on the census of large animals”. Two of the largest snakes in the world, the reticulated python and rock python , as well as the longest venomous snake in the world, the king cobra , inhabit the park.

To control the growth and irradiation of invasive species, research on biological methods for controlling weeds, manual uprooting and weeding before seed settling are carried out at regular intervals. It has been declared as a forest reserve in the year of and wildlife sanctuary in the year of The flora in Kaziranga National Park chiefly constitute of three major types: Private resorts are available outside the park borders. After failing to see a single rhinoceros, for which the area was renowned, she persuaded her husband to take urgent measures to protect the dwindling species which he did by initiating planning for their protection. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn.


Kaziranga National Park – Land of Indian Rhinos

Stracey, the forest conservationist, in order to rid the name of hunting connotations. One of the many Attractions in the Jaziranga National Park is exploring the hidden mystery of the dense jungle on elephants that are steered by the professional Mahout.

essay on kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

Retrieved from ” https: Natural Resources uses and park-people relations at Kaziranga National Park and world heritage site, India. Journal of the Society for the Preservation of the Fauna of the Empirenew series xvi: It was first established as a reserve ina Game Sanctuary in Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Kaziranga National Park.

In the heart of Assam, this park is one of the last areas in eastern India undisturbed by a human presence.

National parks of India. The soils are chiefly of alluvial derived from river system. Retrieved 6 April Other important rivers are Diphlu and Mora Dhansiri.

essay on kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

Retrieved 4 January Most of the region is flat, swampy ground and broad shallow pools fringed with reeds. The western reaches of the park are dominated by grasslands. It is located in Indomalaya ecozone. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society 64 2: Sir Lord Curzon jaziranga India: Other snakes found here include the Indian cobramonocled cobraRussell’s viperand the common krait.

Kaziranga National Park Assam, India

Climate of Kaziranga National Park. The park first gained international prominence after Robin Banerjeea physician-turned-photographer and filmmaker, produced a documentary titled Kazirangawhich was aired on kziranga in Berlin in and became a runaway success. Kaziranga National Park pronounced Assamese pronunciation: Kaziranga has been the theme of several books, songs, and documentaries.


Archived from the original PDF on 26 August Park area was gradually increased by sq. Memoirs of a forest officer. In this year, Kaziranga becomes Reserve Forest.

Kaziranga National Park

Applications of remote sensing techniques in forest-cover-monitoring and habitat evaluation—a case study at Kaziranga National Park, Assam, in, Kaairanga, D. Governance of Kaziranga National Park. The great Indian one – horned rhinoceros. State of Conservation SOC by year Wildlife protected area network in India: Other threatened om include the black-breasted parrotbill and the rufous-vented grass babbler.

Maintenance of functional connectivity between the park and Karbi Anglong Hills, and the formation of a buffer zone to the south of the park would greatly add to the integrity of the park.

Kaziranga National Park Authorities.