This is our way of saying thank you. Helen Moran had designed a ceremonial display with pictures of children who had been forcibly taken, held up by local children who were descendants of Stolen Generation members. Emotive language is used in conjunction with repetition and emphatic stress to apply the features accurately to certain parts of his speech, making for fluency throughout the dialogue and composing the formality of the speech. However, his most famous speech, the apology speech, had a few small contributions, but was largely written by himself. But I point out to him, the measurable improvement is still failing to hit the targets, especially in key areas of improving life expectancy. He moved a motion in the Parliament that acknowledged the immense trauma inflicted on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a result of the separation of children from their families—and offered an unreserved apology. Individual Australians, however, can still acknowledge the pain and suffering caused.

Right at the beginning of our thinking about how the event would unfold, Linda suggested that we invite elders who were stolen to sit on the floor of the chamber. Rudd admitted to being prepared for a backlash. Now it was up to Rudd to make good. That the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, in consultation with the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, arrange for a national ‘Sorry Day’ to be celebrated each year to commemorate the history of forcible removals and its effects. By the Royal Commission into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Deaths in Custody found that of the 99 deaths it investigated, 43 were of people who were separated from their families as children. However, she argued that because the removal of children in the Northern Territory occurred before self-government and was based on a Commonwealth ordinance the Commonwealth should assume liability or provide additional assistance measures.

I had just been appointed Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs. When I met with representatives of these three groups in the middle of December to start the detailed consultations, I told them I wanted to have as many people as possible take part in the planning of the Apology, and to get as much input as I could into the form it would take.


He told me that there were those even in his own party who were cautious.

Tony Abbott, as the new Liberal spokesperson on Indigenous Affairs, kept attempting to undermine our momentum:. According to their website, “The Healing Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that partners with rdds to address the ongoing trauma caused by actions like the forced removal rduds children from their families. One of the reasons our position was finally accepted was because many wanted to make sure that very elderly members of the Stolen Generation would hear the Apology before they died.

He privately raised with me early in December the desire for the States to be involved in the Apology. There is frustration with the political process and a lack of will to engage with key issues like a treaty.

The two Stolen Generations groups also gave me advice about who should sit on the floor of the House of Representatives chamber essah hear the Apology.

essay on kevin rudds sorry speech

However, organisers of the official opening of Parliament had to act quickly when they realised that the artillery lined up for the gun salute were pointing directly at the protestors. The major newspapers were giving the Apology considerable focus. There had been so much controversy about the Stolen Generations over the many years leading to the Apology.

This was a strong sentiment and one we constantly confronted. Retrieved May 23,from https: It doesn’t matter whether or not you were ‘personally responsible’; you can claim a sense of nationalistic sorrow for the people affected by policies enacted in the name of Australia, the esasy way you can claim nationalistic pride in the o made by the ANZACs or victories of Australian ekvin teams. There were the food and entertainment and events following the Apology on the lawns outside Parliament.

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The writer is Kevin Rudd and the parliament: For many children removed there were breaches of fiduciary duty and duty of care, as well as criminal actions.

He was still anxious about the kvein text, and sensitive to any risk this could be derailed. I could see the impact that had on the faces of the Indigenous people all around.


The meetings with the National Sorry Day Committee and the Stolen Generations Alliance were intense in the following week with much feedback coming from their consultations. We needed to show that we could do both—address the shocking disadvantage suffered by Indigenous Australians, most starkly demonstrated in the year life expectancy gap, and foster relationships with Aboriginal people based on mutual trust and respect. So deep was the idea exsay the worthlessness of Aboriginal society.

Kevin Rudds sorry speach 9 September This has been reflected in vicious debates about whether children were stolen or saved. We should be smart enough, flexible enough, and intelligent enough to recognise it is going to be a series of diverse approaches, not all of them involving the government.

The apologies were delivered by both Labor rhdds Liberal leaders. I could see that this would provide the beginnings of the evidence-based policy framework so desperately needed. Rudd and Nelson then walked together to the Aboriginal people on the floor of the Parliament.

The accurate use of adjectives for such a deplorable subject, creates an emotive feel to the speech which reflects the delicate matter at hand.

essay on kevin rudds sorry speech

Howard had framed Labor as pre-occupied with symbols, unable to make the hard decisions needed in Aboriginal Affairs. We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.

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There were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in all the galleries and on chairs on the floor of the Chamber. Even though some community sentiment was with us, rurds the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian editorialised at the time against the Apology. Indigenous children aged were 11 times more likely to be in out-of-home care than non-indigenous children in the same age group.