A km mountain bike cross country competition. Explore other Travel Guide Apps. Major Festival in India. Manipur is a mosaic of ancient tradition and rich cultural patterns. The fusion music performances during the festival are absolutely wonderful. Jagannath Rath Yatra 4 Jul,

Each player is outfitted with a polo stick made of cane having a narrow angled wooden head fixed at the stiking end. The traditional sports of Thang Ta and Sarit Sarak Manipuri Martial Arts date back to the ancient history of Manipur, the traditions of which had been passed down over the centuries. Blessed with a salubrious climate and languishing in natural beauty and scenic splendour, it invites the tourists to visit again and again. The beautiful North Eastern State is celebrated during the festival. Besides this, many media persons from the State and other parts of the country are covering this festival.

essay on manipur sangai festival

The INA Museum which has a collection of letters, photographs, badges of ranks and other war memorabilia reminds the visitors of the sacrifices made by the INA soldiers under the leadership of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Sindhu Darshan Festival 12 Jun no 14 Jun, The culture of the Naga tribes of the State is ffstival on the stage of the Kut Festival the largest festival of Kuki-Chin-Mizo communities an annual event and a State holiday.

Summer Festival 29 Apr to 30 Apr, By Rail There are no railway lines in the state of Manipur. Here each side has 7 players in a field of 45×18 metres in area.


Manipur Sangai Festival

Thank You for sharing! Retrieved 7 December Caving and trekking to Ukhrul district. The festival format is such that events take place all over Manipur. The fusion music performances during the festival are absolutely wonderful.

The Festival strives to promote the best of what the state has to offer to the world. Take your travel expert with fetsival – download World Travel Guide.

Sangai Festival

The nearest railhead is Dimapur Nagalandkm from Imphal. For the first time, the Golden Myanmar Airlines touched down on Imphal airport. Power paragliding at Old Airfield and the ethnic games of the state are also organized in the capital city.

State’s Festival to benefit from the upgrade of state Airport to International Status Manipur is one of the seven sister states of the North East Region of India which has been given various names like Switzerland of East India and the Jewel of India. The ideal car to hire is a 4-wheeler SUV that comes with a chauffer.

User Name Password Remember Me. Fishermen living in floating islands called Phumdis in floating huts known as Phumsangs are sights of this lake.

To be Announced Location: Gorgeous waterfalls around Chennai for a perfect weekend vacation. The Festival is the right venue for innovative people with innovative ideas meet on a common platform. The British learned the game of Sagol Kangjei Polo is the 19th century festval Manipur and after refinement it was taken to the rest of the world as Polo. In addition to this, to ensure that no untoward incident occurs during the festival, police and other paramilitary forces have been deployed in and around the festival venues.


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Ambubachi Mela 22 to 26 June, It is a rare experience to witness the potters of Andro, Thongjao and Nungbi deftly manipyr an unbelievable range of earthenware.

Archived from the original on 18 February The Festival is the right venue to indulge in the Manipuri pleasures. Join Us On Facebook Close. The urban folk dances are an expression of nature, creativity and aestheticism of the tribal way of life.

Manipur is a mosaic of ancient tradition and rich cultural patterns. The only floating National Park in the world, [ citation needed ] the Keibul Lamjao National Park located on the Loktak Lake is the last natural habitat of the “Sangai” Rucervus eldii eldiithe dancing deer of Manipur.

Other wildlife to be seen include: Another big feature on the annual calendar of events is the annual Sangai Festival. Coming to Sagol Kangjei Polothe Manipuri Sagol Kangjei has been adopted by the international community as Polo and is now being played worldwide.

essay on manipur sangai festival