He is commonly remembered as Maulana Azad ; the word Maulana is an honorific meaning ‘Our Master’, and he had adopted Azad Free as his pen name. Secondary School English 15 points. When Gandhi embarked on the Dandi Salt March that inaugurated the Salt Satyagraha in , Azad organised and led the nationalist raid, albeit non-violent on the Dharasana salt works to protest the salt tax and restriction of its production and sale. I want a free account. When they learnt of Gandhi holding talks with Jinnah in Mumbai in , Azad criticised Gandhi’s move as counter-productive and ill-advised. In response, the Congress and other political parties appointed a commission under Motilal Nehru to propose constitutional reforms from Indian opinions. Along with fellow Khilafat leaders Dr.

Despite his affinity for Gandhi, Azad also drew close to the young radical leaders Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Bose, who had criticised the delay in demanding full independence. Consequently, thousands of political activists had been arrested and many publications banned. He was born in Mecca, but the family relocated to Calcutta in With his popularity increasing across India, the government outlawed Azad’s second publication under the Defence of India Regulations Act and arrested him. Log in to add a comment. Although his proposal was overwhelmingly rejected, Azad and a few others agreed that Gandhi and the Congress had not done enough.

Short Essay on ‘Diwali’ or ‘Deepawali’ Words. He was a strong proponent of Strong, Secular India.

500 words Essay on “Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s contribution to Indian freedom struggle”

When elections were called under the Government of India Act kalsm, Azad was appointed to organise the Congress election campaign, raising funds, selecting candidates and organising volunteers and rallies across India. Azad masterminded the creation of national programmes of school and college construction and spreading the enrolment of children and young adults into schools, to promote universal primary education.


Maulana Azad died on 22nd February, A renowned scholar and active in Indian polityhe gave up his job of clergyman and became actively involved in Indian Freedom Struggle. Azad, Nehru worde Patel wodrs briefly speak about the nation and the future. When they learnt of Gandhi holding talks with Jinnah in Mumbai inAzad criticised Gandhi’s move as counter-productive and ill-advised. Short Essay on ‘Narendra Modi’ Words.

Abul Kalam Azad

Maulana Azad’s Political History. Not sure about the answer? In face of increasing popular disenchantment with the British across India, Gandhi and Patel advocated essat all-out rebellion demanding immediate independence. His contribution to establishing the education foundation in India is recognised by celebrating his birthday as “National Education Day” across India.

Retrieved 23 July Feeling that a struggle would not force a British exit, Azad and Nehru warned that such a campaign would divide India and make the war situation even more precarious.

In the supreme maulaha of the Congress it is a personal loss.

He was imprisoned at Ahmednagar fort where he remained in complete isolation till At the dawn of independence, he served as a strong opponent of partition. I want a free account.

essay on maulana abul kalam azad in 500 words

Despite their previous differences, Azad worked closely with Patel and Dr. Just as a Hindu can say with pride that he is an Indian and follows Hinduism, so also we can say with equal pride that we are Indians and follow Islam. For me who had the privilege of working with him for many years. However, each year on 26 Januarywhich was then considered Poorna Swaraj Complete Independence Day, the leaders would gather maaulana remember their cause and pray together.


Inhe became the youngest man to be elected Congress president. He was in the revolutionary movement from his earliest youth. Short Essay on ‘Christmas’ Words.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad : Biography, History, Facts and Achievements

With the onset of World War Ithe British stiffened censorship and restrictions on political activity. As a lieutenant of Mahatma Gandhi, the statement said Maulana Sahib injected in the public life of the country a new favour. The three men founded the Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi as an institution of higher education managed entirely by Indians without any British support or control. During the Sepoy Mutinyhe left India and settled in Mecca. Azad served as president of the Unity Conference in Delhi, using his position to work to re-unite the Swarajists and the Khilafat leaders under the common banner of the Congress.

essay on maulana abul kalam azad in 500 words

Azad endorsed the ending of separate electorates based on religion, and called for an independent India to be committed to secularism. Most Popular Posts [All Time]. Azad also supported Nehru’s re-election inat the consternation of many conservative Congressmen.

Non-violence and Hindu-Muslim unity were universally emphasised, while the boycott of foreign goods, especially clothes were organised. In his childhood, Azad had a traditional Islamic education, along with training in subjects like mathematics, philosophy, world history and science by tutors at his home.