Maslows thoughts about drives and motivation resulted in a classifi Managers who assign to Theory X are expected to practice authoritarian style Lewis, Goodman and Fandt , p. In this paper, the leadership style that Keller was effective in using as well as the business concepts that made him an effective leader will be further explained. These assumptions will be reflected in management attitudes toward employees, the kind and amount of participation they allow, and the outcomes they expect. During this research, a survey was given to undergraduate and graduate students in business.

This type of leadership leads to high motivation. Douglas concluded that managers shaped their behavior towards workers based on either the X or Y views. Maslows thoughts about drives and motivation resulted in a classifi Click to learn more https: How about make it original? Efficiency Gain of International Trade words – 6 pages.

An organizational culture are those characteristics that distinguish one culture from another His mcggregors is based on managerial views of human beings. However, few companies still practice Theory X management Daftp.

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In regard to Theory Y, he can wisely choose from variety of options Scheinp. Hence, most of the modern organisations strongly practices management by delegating authority, job enlargement, making work more interesting, with increased level of responsibilities and their share of information and innovations regarding the work content, work design and results Montana and Fssayp.

Some essag the strengths of Theory X and Theory Theogy are that it exposes the endless possibilities for creating opportunities for people to obtain personal satisfaction, knowledge, achievement, challenge, prestige, and other rewards through work.

Develooping Innovative Culture in Organizations words – 14 pages characteristics. McGregor suggested that employee behavior was the result of the management style. In order to utilize these valuable assets, managers need to provide employees to use their expertise.


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He suggested that management could use either set of needs to motivate employees. A Theory Y manager will try to remove the barriers that prevent workers from fully actualizing themselves. Rewards and punishments are assumed to be the key to employee productivity. Theory X and Theory Theody stated that employees can either be motivated by strict direction or allowed to work freely. According Lorshe and Morse cited in David and Robertp.

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McGregor intended in each of these steps the manager be available for guidance, however the majority of the completion of these steps be from the primary effort of the subordinate. Solve for the equilibrium prices of X and Y. McGregor with his experience as a manager and as a psychologist, observed the behaviour and attitude of the workers Daft. The documents downloaded from eCheat.

Many researchers and scholars have developed theories based on the work of F. By contrast, Theory Y has assumptions which is completely opposite of Theory X. McGregor was intrigued by what motivated people to work hard and how leaders could foster their motivation Bobic and Davis,p.

Interestingly enough, the aforementioned book review was done on a book called Douglas McGregor, Revisited: According to Boddy and Patonp.

Theory X assumes that employees are lazy and will try to avoid work, therefore needing to be closely monitored at all times and a strict management system.


Theory Thelry employees seemed to like work, were eager to please and worked hard on their own initiative. These assumptions will be reflected in management attitudes toward employees, the kind and amount of participation they allow, and the outcomes they expect.

The theory of motivation eszay organization will mcgreegors to take account of the contingent relationship between task, organization, and people. Theory X, the more conventional one, holds the view that people are in themselves not intrinsically motivated to work and even attempt to avoid it, that people have no ambition, are resistant to change, are not particularly intelligent and that people only work for money and security.

According to Kopelman, Prottas and Davisp 1 Theory X represents that workers generally dislike work, are irresponsible, are lethargic and require close supervision.

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The Institute provided shelter, warmth and food to approximately men every year. The survey consisted of four principal section s measuring Theory X and Theory Y attitudes and behaviors, faith in people, fast food opinions, and items relating to leisure time activities.

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They are often compared and contrasted however, for the purposes of this paper the primary focus will be on Theory Y. Edwards Deming, and Albert Bandura can be a Having worked for 15 years in many types of organization, Scheinp.