Every other day a page or two of the various Pakistani newspapers publicize the launch or announcement of a plan for a transport project. Hence, it is not only the specific structure of the government institutions but also the deliberate breach of legal steps that allowed for a speedy completion of the project. Neo- liberalism, high-modernist ideology, and bureaucratic inefficiencies. The later interviewees were also more gratifying because by this time we began to understand exactly what the informant said. As the previous section shows, the conflicting opinions of the officials regarding the same processes are a recurrent phenomenon that we observed throughout our research. Long Term investment for the future the current plan.

One can easily say that the Metro Bus has extended the living time of Islamabad city by at least two hours. This section lobs light the objective for picking the subjective strategy explore for examining. The world has moved on to fast rail to solve their mass transportation needs.. In this study the case study research, there may be just organized into one. It rather analyses the execution of MBP.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project

Use Pakistani English from July All Wikipedia articles written in Pakistani English Use dmy dates from July Articles containing Urdu-language text Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references. As described previously, even some of the officials confessed not having followed the prescribed law.

Effects and consequences of infrastructural facilities on the lives of Lahore’s People

Punjab Mass Transit Authority. So what is wrong with the culture rawalpinxi Islamabad? These people seem to have no worry on their mind, they are not there for any job or finalise any business deal. A research revealed that short distance travelers doesn’t prefer travelling metro bus due to entrance time required in bus terminals, and long route travelers only commute during office timing, leaving buses empty other than morning and evening office timings.


Unable to do that, we were denied access. Naqash claimed that in the case of the MBP, since the acquisition was mostly done in heavily commercial areas, a lot of businesses were affected, and hence this component of compensation was introduced.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project

Urban Transportaion And Equity: The possibility of modernization in a particular range of life is idea of western. The worst episode was related to us by another affected person, Mian Muhammad Nawaz44, who, with his family, resided on the top most floor of his plaza that was taken under possession by the authorities.

Finally, the third theme pertains to the bureaucratic road-blocks in the implementation of these projects. The estimated cost of that project was to be PKR 11 billion. Having understood the general aspects of the project, we now wanted specific information. This is a problem elucidated by Johnson in his discussion about remaking of Delhi as the imperial capital. No time was given to vacate the shop and the house.

The analysis of eawalpindi affected population in MBP shows how division among this projecr and the lack of knowledge are metor in allowing a speedy completing of the project. As of now the legislature is not centering to minimize the challenges and.

She asserts that the urban planning landscape is in a state of deregulation, projecg, and exception Roy Joy to read this well written article Business economics – Controlling Effects of Lean Management on company The government and state institutions were heavily involved rawalpindj the planning and the execution of the project. Social impact made by framework advancement and fast mass travel framework.

All the doors open together inwards into the bus and women enter the bus from the first two doors and men from the second two. This strategy is proved very effective in research.


Retrieved from wikipedia,the free encyclopedia. In fact with that mentality you deserve the title ignorant.

However, after each grand transport project, a specialized institution is being created for its efficient maintenance and operation. An integral part of this high-modernist ideology is the transport oriented development in Lahore.

Metro Bus: facilitating people in Rawalpindi (re)claim the capital – Pakistan –

He dealt mainly in corporate and banking cases and candidly admitted that he charges heavy fees for his cases. The rest of the population was either unaware of this ezsay was unable to exercise this right due to limited resources. The increasing number of institutions and the disconnect among them has a two-fold benefit for the state.

Board of Revenue Official. Normally, a project of this scale takes about three to four years but proiect are going to finish the task in less than a year, without compromising on the quality of work and actually cutting the cost by working in three shifts Ahad Cheema qtd.

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Hence, according to bis 3 officials, market value of the land judged through registrations is the prime consideration in the process of determination of compensation by the Board of Revenue. Similarly, Muhammad Nawaz46 asserted that although land compensation is not negotiable, the compensation for structure can be negotiated through bribing the patwaris.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project

Rather the compensation rates are decided according to blocks of land, because otherwise every pdoject would have to be assessed individually which would be very cumbersome