The reason why the compensation turns out to be much lower than the market value is because the landowners do not register their land on the market rate in the first place. Punjab metro bus authorty. The exact percentage varied according to the type of business of the landowner and the discretion of LAC. Everyone we asked, whose land had been acquired in Ichhra, was willing to talk to us. Functional elements at the stations include ticketing booths, concourse level passenger transfer, escalators, platform screen. Moreover, Naqash claimed that an additional 15 per cent of the land compensation is also given as compulsory acquisition compensation. Now I am commenting reading half way through the article.

The acquisition of land by private companies through LAA can also be justified under public purpose since private companies provides jobs. Similarly, in , the Indian government had to make generous sacrifices in order to speed-up the land acquisition process for the development of a multi-product SEZ in Jaipur over acres of land Gupta , Owner of a shop in Qartaba Chowk. Hence, to understand how the government was able to bypass all these difficulties in order execute such a huge project became another central theme of our research. Another theme that the paper addresses is that of the transport oriented ideology of the current regime of which MBP is the epitome. Shop-owner in Raja Auto Centre.

The world system theory: However, it would be imprudent to generalize these categories too much.

Following is the header from a news article from one of the leading newspapers of Pakistan, Dawn: Cutting edge mass-travel framework is extremely fundamental for the improvement of the.

If a public person wants this announcement they can file an application in LDA and get a copy. And the next day, while they were having breakfast, the officials arrived and the demolition process immediately started.


The PKR 20 passes are purchased from the station one needs to board the bus from. Here, the fourth component of compensation, Shifting and Disturbance Allowance, was also determined in the case of MBP. Moreover, Naqash claimed that an additional 15 per cent of the land compensation is also given as compulsory acquisition compensation. Owner of an acquired plaza in Ichhra. Metro Line Train faced by societies. Ahad Khan Cheema who had been involved with the project since the beginning, stated that the project proposed by JICA was halted because of lack of funds qtd.

Land to be marked out, measured and planned by the Collector unless it has been already marked out under section 4. Whereas one view claims that it is determined on the market rate, the other asserts that it is calculated on the Deputy Commissioner [Henceforth DC] rate.

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Rssay we were able to carry out most mefro our interviewees with the affectees who had owned land in Ichhra and Qartaba Chowk, we decided to concentrate on these areas specifically for our project. The aim of this research is to investigate the socioeconomic effects of Orange. Furthermore, the hubris of the scientific rationality of the state was such that the government carried out the project as planned at the cost of the affectees and incurred nus expenses which could have been easily avoided.

The question about which institution has authority over a particular area of Lahore is a complex matter which only became clear to us after analyzing the interviews of two of our informants: Final report by huma. This act had a long list of persons eligible to claim preemptive rights on immovable property.


Effects and consequences of infrastructural facilities on the lives of Lahore’s People

The system uses e-ticketing and Intelligent Transportation System wand. In this case study in depth interviews are used as research techniques for close interaction. I think it is better we keep Islamabad as a Pakistani town, not a Punjabi projetc. The declaration shall be published in the official Gazette.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project

Informality, Insurgence and the Idiom of Urbanization. The first theme concerns the procedural paths of these projects. In the current milieu, the state by declaring its preference for a free market system maintains its presence in land relations Sud These mea seem to have no worry on their mind, they are not there for any job or finalise any business deal.

Secondary Documents Asian Development Bank. How the nearby group socially and financially affected because of orange line metro Project? Jan 01, He further stated that almost the entire south of the city comes under the jurisdiction of LDA now. However, funding and loans again became the reason that prevented the project gus materializing. The News International, 18 Nov.

However, the government was unable essat get an autonomous guarantee against the loan. Metro Bus – a white elephant painted red”. Distancing ourselves from this top- down approach, we attempted to understand the nature of state and the affected population through the in-depth study of MBP with a particular focus on the land question.

essay on rawalpindi mega metro bus project