The history of brave persons should not be concealed; rather it should be given a national importance so that the present and future generation could be inspired continuously being their personality and achievement. Soon after he fought his last battle near Jagdishpur on the 23rd April, in which the British forces were completely routed. As a matter of fact, parallel to his political struggle, Veer Kunwar Singh had made efforts to establish an ideal structure of Indian politics. He fought for equal status for women and also the downtrodden dalits and other deprived communities of India. Pandit Rambhuj Dutt Choud Naukar, Rajput, and Sepoy:

He assumed command of the soldiers who had revolted at Danapur on 5th July. It was not a simple task to lead the revolutionaries at the age of 80 years. Undoubtedly this much contribution would have made him adorable for the obliged citizens of this independent country but his actual contribution is fair more than this. One of the bullets shattered Singh’s left wrist. The park was also renamed as Veer Kunwar Singh Azadi park. Though persistently pakistan is facing problems but currently load shedding, terrorism and inflation are the key factors which are crippling the.

As a recognition to his contribution to India’s freedom movement, the Government of India issued a memorial stamp on 23rd April, Two days later he occupied Arrah, the district headquarters.

Veer kunwar singh essay in english

On 26 April he died in his village. When the people of all parts of India rose against British authority inBabu Kunwar Singh was already past his prime being nearly eighty years old. Summary after spending the night together, noah and allie also share enblish next morning the morning is spent eating breakfast, making love, doing chores.


essay on veer kunwar singh in english

Thus, he came outside the boundary of Bihar and passing through Mirzapur Vijaygarh he reached Reevan, Robertsganj, Faizabad, and Azamgarh. Despite his age and failing health, when the call to fight came, Kunwar Singh plunged into the thick of it and for nearly a year battled against the British forces with grim determination and undaunted courage.

essay on veer kunwar singh in english

The park was also renamed as Veer Kunwar Singh Azadi park. When they proceeded, the rebels started firing, in which Capt Si Dunbar was killed.

essay on veer kunwar singh in english

Jagdishpur, is a famous village under the then Shahabad District at present Knuwar situated at a distance of 25 K. Dunbar, soldiers reached across the river. State, Peasants and Caste Armies in Bihar. The war was one and a half miles away from Jagdishpur.

Kunwar Singh, Indian Freedom Fighter. He had continued his contact with the revolutionaries. At the age of 80, he led a select band of armed soldiers against the troops under engljsh command of the British East India Company. He had continued his secret talk with the persons under jail custody. Sit Auto Travellion has observed it was a consoling factor that Veer Kunwar Singh was 80 years old at the time of revolution of The preparation for revolution in was going on for several years and a self respecting and signh person like Kunwar Singh was making himself prepared mentally for his role in the same.

Vewr Veer Singh died on 26 Aprilthree days after he was victorious in this war.

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In the mean time he met revolutionary leaders and prepared many revolutionary plans with their support. Fighting against British, he is the only freedom fighter in the world who had offered his injured hand to the river Ganga after receiving shot in the arm, fired by the British army. The revolutionaries fought a battle with British forces in Arrah, Bihar to gain control of district headquarters.

Kunwar Singh, Indian Freedom Fighter

Some historians point out their date of birth 12 Aprilthen some consider the approximate A Comprehensive Study,Volume 1. Retrieved from ” https: This joy was celebrated by organizing victory ceremony on 23rd April, but Veer Kunwar Singh died on 26th April, In fact, during this struggle he cut off his own hand and still continued resisting the British armies wherever possible. Views Read Edit View history. Besides Rajputs of his own Caste, the work of including the downtrodden dalits and deprived persons of society in the main stream of politics and providing equal status to them in society initiated by him was later on carried forward by Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.

Major Iyer planned to attack Jagadishpur.