To her Mrs Erlynne is the enemy and only when Mrs Erlynne saves her from disgrace she is ready to change this opinion. On that day her mother, Mrs Erlynne, a fallen woman who was commonly believed to be dead reappears in her life after twenty years of separation. Still she is unable to relativise her own moral standards. Lady Windermere might have a very simple concept of good and bad. Pre-University Paper, 18 Pages. Does her youth and lack of experience excuse her for her violation of Victorian morality?

She learns to question her judgement. One can always find them. There is no way out for them without being seen by the men. She is a realist and does not regret her bad actions because of a guilty conscience but the as disadvantages and trials she had to go through afterwards. Are her justifications anything but excuses for her own weakness? Before that Lady Windermere lived in a protecting shell which did not let anything bad come near her. He treats his wife like a child and shows in his behaviour a perfectly fine example of a Victorian husband.

Within twenty-four hours she begins to see that life is far more complex and difficult to be tamed by her hard-and-fast rules. It seems to be the first time in her life that she really feels guilty about something and realizes that she herself has commited a sin.

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This self-righteousness lets her become windermerez and intolerant towards other people who do not apply the same rules to their lifes as she does. Stuttgart,I. The ideal Victorian woman! For him nothing is sacred.


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Furthermore she is married and has a two year old child. In Act Two she really turns up at the party. She has never been encouraged to have a mind of her own and to be a strong, independent individual.

essay questions for lady windermeres fan

You have neither the wit nor the courage. Would a woman nowadays not act likewise when she was to suspect her husband of infidelity? He does not see an equated partner in her but an inferior child that needs his protection and guidance.

They met the conventions of the time and due to that draw lively portraits of the British society in which Wilde lived. Only because of the appearance of Mrs Erlynne it becomes necessary for her to question her own moral standards and only because of her she sees herself confronted with a situation that probably would never have occured otherwise in her life.

I Introduction The purpose fam this course work was to deal fsn with a topic by gathering information about it from various sources and exposing them in fwn formal essay. S J sarah jakobsohn Author. Yet it is a good play for it carries you along from start to finish without boring you for a single moment. So Mrs Erlynne managed it yet another time to regain her place in society.

What society accepts as good is good, and what society takes for bad must be bad. She tolerates no compromise between good windermerse evil and does not know how to qualify a statement.

But Lady Winderemere depends on seeing her to thank her for the great service of saving her honour by paying the price of losing her own once again.


Lady Windermere makes a bogeyman out of Mrs Erlynne from the first time on she hears something about her. So right at the beginning she speaks out an accusation which could be her own only a few scenes later. To the audience it seems obvious: In her conversation with Lord Darlington in Act One she presents herself as a faithful wife who for example does not even want her admirer to pay her compliments. Anglistik – Literatur Women in the Victorian Era.

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At the ends of the 19th century, adultery was one of the worst crimes a woman could commit. Wilde was not a moralist, but an artist.

Therefore she always acts in the conviction to be right. Puritans believed in self-determination, wincermeres each has the ability to do good.

So all his life his attempts to fit into society were mostly answered with exclusion [1]. Marriage is nothing but a game. She has never seen her before but does not even consider this first judgement to be wrong.

essay questions for lady windermeres fan

Kady wrote in a critic about the play: She is not as confident about herself as before and now see the necessity of compromises in life.