Askari mistreats prisoners under his watch such as Jere. The service is not supposed to take more than ten minutes, the coffin is not to be carried by the student and weeping in public is illegal for the academic staff. While the entertainment committee meets Nicodemo tries to find out about what they will make out of it. Even when Jere reminds him that he had kept his mouth shut when Mulili had allowed Mustafa escape at the border, he does not bulge. Mulili and Jere argue over whether to allow the ceremony to go on.

The play is about conflicting situations in society. This song and the subsequent prayer indicate that the couple can only turn to God for solace after all else has failed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mulili uses his relationship with boss to eliminate Kabito. When Jusper is at cross purpose with Doga and Nina.

What effect…a few photographs of fat prisoners will make on foreign investments?


Your truth is too much imbbuga the nude. Tumbo pretends to be doing Regina a favour by introducing her to Boss yet he knows his Boss ridiculous weakness for women. Askari also abuses his position by mistreating prisoners by whacking them when in the cell. Until people like him are ciyy, it is dangerous to seem to do things differently in Kafira. Jusper says that nobody wants things put in black and white.


Betrayal in the City Essay

Francis Imbuga explores this oppression in a profound way. Thank you for sharing. Instruction is basic for everybody.

Various characters and events have been satirised as illustrated below:. Kabito is shot dead by Mutoli.

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Accept any other relevant points. Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. Tumbo betrays Regina when he books for her an appointment with Boss. This statement is given credence by the fact that Jere and Mosese are in prison, not because of committing an offence but standing for the truth.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Jere is imprisoned for falling out with Mulili. The other two thirds would be used to put the records straight. He is unapologetic to Tumbo for wearing it. She does not want him to end up dead like Adika or in prison like Mosese. The human weakness that are witnessed in the political arena are criticized to ensure that people do not fall victims to the same political vices such as corruption, betrayal, violence and abuse of power The political sector is ridiculed for engaging in trivial matters such as changing of names whereas they are more serious issues they should strive to handle.


He vows to avenge the killing of his brother Adika.

The governing party of kafira is characterized by social and political oppression. Posted by Jontes at Write a composition in support of this statement with close reference to the play.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Like caged animals, we move, but only inside the cage. Many citizens of Kafira have been crucified innocently just like Ciity and many others are the Pilates that beat up Christ. Tell them this grave no longer belongs to them. Boss and the top government officials are inefficient.

Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga

Corruption plays a big role in the poor governance of Kafira. There is a possibility of starting a new era of a better political regime. Write an essay in support of this statement drawing illustrations from the play Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga.

Betrayal in the City. This seems to confirm his corrupt nature. Jere protests the mistreatment of Nina and Doga by the government.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Actions or inaction by several characters on the play are motivated by fear.