Retrieved 11 September Who decides rates for food in The court said, that in view of the importance of the issues involved, they decided to go deeper into the merits of the case. Countries like Belgium, Canada have also joined the move. On 17 December , the Supreme Court, while admitting the plea to end the life made by activist-journalist Pinki Virani, sought a report on Shanbaug’s medical condition from the hospital in Mumbai and the government of Maharashtra. The judgment, an outcome of this litigation, declared the KEM hospital staff, instead of Virani, as next friend.

Further, the right to take decision on her behalf vested with the management and staff of KEM Hospital and not Pinki Virani. Sohanlal was caught and convicted for assault and robbery, and he served two concurrent seven-year sentences. The Judgement also quoted Mirza Ghalib that depicts the human condition when faced with such a dilemma like Euthanasia where you die waiting for death that never comes. They also said Aruna could perhaps be the longest survivor in this situation. The High Court should give its decision at the earliest. However, assuming that the KEM hospital staff at some future time changes its mind, in our opinion in such a situation the KEM hospital would have to apply to the Bombay High Court for approval of the decision to withdraw life support.

While allowing Passive Euthanasia, the court laid down important guidelines to prevent any misuse of the provision and that these guidelines have to be followed in every such aryna till legislation is made by the Government. Journalist and human-rights activist Pinki Virani tried to track down Sohanlal; she was led to believe that Sohanlal had changed his name after leaving prison in but continued to work in a Delhi hospital, and since neither the King Edward Memorial Hospital nor the court that tried Sohanlal euthanasoa a file photo of him, Virani’s search failed.


Thus, the doctors opined that that eutnanasia in the instant matter is not necessary. However, Aruna Shanbaug was denied euthanasia as the court opined that the matter was not fit for the same.

euthanasia case study of aruna

The Attorney General of India on the other hand stated that the report of the Law Commission of India has not been accepted by the Government of India. Following the attack, nurses in Mumbai went on strike demanding improved conditions for Shanbaug and better working conditions for themselves. Never miss a great news story! This is unusual since for any case to be accepted under this article, the petitioner has to show the violation of any of her fundamental right.

The Supreme Court on March 9 ruled that individuals had a right to die with dignity, allowing passive euthanasia with guidelines.

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Here is how the Counting of Votes takes place May 20, 1. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. It wass alleged that there is no possibility of any improvement in the condition and that she was entirely dependent on KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

We take turns looking after her and we love to care for her. In view of the inconsistent opinions rendered in Aruna Shanbaug qruna and also considering the important question of law involved which needs to be reflected in the light of social, legal, medical and constitutional perspective, it becomes extremely important to have a clear enunciation of law. They felt that there was no need for euthanasia in the case.

How can anybody think of taking her life? This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: To immobilize her during this act he twisted the chain around her neck. He stated that there was a great danger in permitting euthanasia that the relatives of a person may conspire with doctors and get him killed to inherit his property.


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Aruna Shanbaug case

Public interest and the interests of the state were also considered. The need to change euthanasia laws was triggered by the famous Aruna Shanbaug case. Archived from the original on 30 May He tried to rape her but finding that she was menstruating, he sodomized her. I want to seek forgiveness from her and God, he says”. In the case of State of Maharashtra v.

Sohanlal was caught and convicted for assault and robbery, and he served two concurrent seven-year sentences. Shortly after Shanbaug’s death was announced, however, Sohanlal was traced to his father-in-law’s village of Parpa in western Uttar Pradeshwhere he was found to be still living, married with a family, and working as a labourer and cleaner in a power station. She reacts to certain situations in her own way. He further stated that tomorrow there may be a cure to a medical state perceived as incurable today.

The concept of informed consent comes into question only when the patient is able to understand the consequences of her treatment or has earlier when in sound conditions made a declaration. Thus, the Supreme Court allowed passive euthanasia in certain conditions, subject to the approval by the High Court following the due procedure.

Further, the right to take decision on her behalf vested with the management and staff of KEM Hospital and not Pinki Virani. A trial court sentenced Valmiki seven years imprisonment. Retrieved 29 May By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

euthanasia case study of aruna