Don’t forget to look at the how to guide. Any one able to help? Anonymous 28 May at There’s no denying it’s stressful, but it will be worth it. A few cautions Extracts from school policies do not in themselves constitute evidence without some accompanying indication of how you have put this policy into practice. I was nearly 6 months later when I received the forms to fill in and was called for interview to secure funding and to assess subject knowledge.

I’m currently part of a HLTA intake and my assessments are due to be handed in during the next week or so and I’m starting to feel stress and tension building. How do you make sure you differentiate the work that you plan? Anonymous 7 February at On the documents themselves, you should identify with a handwritten comment or post-it note or label:. That’s great to know that what I’m feeling is normal That’s what I’ve done with the policies Don’t forget anything not covered can be used by the assessor to ask a question.

HLTA – Portfolio of Evidence

I have said it many times that HLTA status requires over 30 standards and teaching a whole class is but one of them. It was stressed to us that everything must be relevant.

examples of hlta course work

courss You noted which standards you had met in the margin and filled in a lot of forms cross-referencing these. Writing up your tasks and building your portfolio is hard work and can be stressful, but you will get there!

Debbie’s Resource Cupboard: Examples of HLTA assessor questions

Here are a few that I have picked out: Greennature Foundation How much would you like to donate? What can be done about it? Topics such as these can often provide strong evidence for standards that are hard to cover. If you have any questions, ask away. Organise your documents efficiently.


Organising Your documents

Or planning with the teacher? I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing anymore and my confidence is taking a beating. You should highlight and annotate the policies to indicate how you implemented it in your tasks. Evaluation The evaluation at the end of the first three tasks is very important. Mine was very full at the end. I can see the light at the end. One thing we had to do in our area was take our English and Maths certificates to confirm we had the levels we stated on the application.

I was nearly 6 months later when I received the forms to fill in and was called for interview to secure funding and to assess subject knowledge.

You could identify a small group who were not quite getting a concept Maths again?

examples of hlta course work

How and why I analysis the information What is your overall contribution to the school? It actually followed the GTP programme closely. I am NOT a teacher and so should not be employed as one earning 75p an hour more than my previous post. It is fine for those TA’s who want to become teachers but what examplex TA’s who want od work at a ‘higher level’? Do you have much contact with parents and what sort of relationships do you have with them?


examples of hlta course work

Maybe dig these out just in case. What made them so good? So they won’t want to be wading through piles of paper – you just need to have covered the standard really well once in your tasks, and provide one piece of quality evidence for the visit, then have wirk or two more mentions of the standard in other tasks – you could provide a second piece of evidence if you had another strong one, but it isn’t necessary.

Share This Page Tweet. How do you feed back to the teacher and how do you assess whether children have progressed in learning. F3 is usually the best one for covering and evidencing standard 1 – are you planning the lesson yourself?

UnazaImranJan 31, Anonymous 13 February at If you used that one, photocopies of a child’s work, before and after your session – marked by you – would be evidence. Quickly access content relevant to you. It’s not about what happens at your school, it’s about you. Retrieved from ” https: It is possible to do in by June, but don’t expect any support as ur basically are left to do it on your own!!!!