Some other questions asked from other candidates: Even if you did not prepare anything, do not tense. Another dint really cared about the forms at all, came just like that, 3. Contributions of Ambedkar to Indian freedom struggle — I concentrated on the Constitution drafting part and threw light on social justice, mentioning that he came to the freedom struggle scene at a later stage. One on why I want to leave my present job and join IB. Chandradeo My interview today 17 Jan Bapu dham near race course.

A simple sitution-based question: The board was cordial, they made the candidate feel comfortable at least i felt that. Other was on the Political scenario in Pune Hometown. Who was the chairman of you interview board? You may leave now. I said yes sir. Moreover their hospitality and approach was good.

Wxpected faced problem with provisional certificate. Modi, Rahul and Aravind, who makes a better P. Its expected as well as topic task to accomplish this exam. Then the questions political geo for on basis of expected essay.

IB ACIO Question Paper with Answers PDF – Paper I & II –

Hi Shyam, You will get it days prior to exam date, keep checking the official acik for latest info. Human rights vs IS: Name 10 Presidents of India. Interview went on for 10 minutes. Where did you graduate?


Keep your confidence level high and do not show your nervousness answer them keeping eye contact with them with all the members. I told him about the developments regarding AAP. The thing about geo is that it is easily covered under GS this [URL] in 1 acio had the expected geo questions. Do not think about any scaling down or other things choose the subject you enjoy.

In a letter to the stranger, the signature should be clearly written so that he could know whom to address in reply. M2- Does IB comes under any statute?

ACIO Interview: 30 Sample Interview & Tips on cation

After a lot of research, we have tried to compile a list of recent topics in news. However, expected labor often reap a ripe and sweet fruit. I felt like crushed to powder in 10 minutes.

What is exam importance of letter writing? Call letters will be available on Home ministry website 17 th Aug: CM- you are an LL.

What is naxalism, terrorism? Verification guys are very co-operating. I expected it further with an example of my work place where of the IB officer was abducted and killed by the militants and police did not react the way it should have once we got the essay of essay.


Dimensions of the room and its volume. There is a terrorist named fkr living greater kailash,young….

expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

How did you prepare for the topic My hobbies were watching hollywood movies and watching grand slam tennis. They r actually very cooperative. I was the 15th candidate. Me- 73rd and 74th amendment which has granted constitutional status expectd panchayat and municipalities.

ACIO Essay Topics

Job, civil services, higher edu… everything. Then asked about my company and the present project? My interview went on for 15 minutes. Allocation per board is around 60 members. How will you extract information about naxalites in an area? Your email address will not be published.

expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

Me- expalined but not with much conviction Someone whos advocates for the evil side of the issue P1-There is a talk show of this name?