For MA thesis and PhD students: Programs and courses Programs and courses Undergraduate programs Understanding your program of study Changing a program of study French Immersion Studies Co-operative education programs Study abroad House of Commons Page Program Graduate programs Diploma Master’s Doctorates Important dates and deadlines Course timetable Obtain your degree uoCal Professional Development Institute Professional development courses Personal enrichment courses Courses Course timetable Course enrolment Enrol online for courses in uoZone Enrol as a special student Guide to graduate enrolment Online courses Student guide Requesting academic documents Forms and tools Financial aid and awards. Writing the proposal also offers an opportunity for students to hone their skills in proposal writing— an essential task in academic research and many other fields. The theses that win the internal prize competition are automatically eligible to be sent forward for external prizes. A research project was established.

The Thesis Proposal The thesis proposal must include an introduction, a method section, a section specifying the way the data will be analyzed, a list of references, and any necessary appendices. Oral defence Oral defence day, verdicts of the examining board and subsequent steps. Students who wish to know their status at this stage must log in to the Candidate Center uoZone. Each PhD thesis has an external examiner in addition to the internal examiners. Finally, the thesis supervisor is given the opportunity to comment or ask questions.

They must express their opinion on the thesis and indicate if they consider that the thesis is ready for the defence. The Graduate Academic Assistant is thesus an excellent source of moral support and practical advice.

Uottawa thesis proposal format

The thesis supervisor receives an email to confirm that the thesis is ready to be evaluated. Sample thesis proposals are available from the Graduate Academic Assistant.


All documents are available from the Graduate Academic Assistant. The thesis will be evaluated and subsequently defended in front of a jury. Under the faculty of ottawa. In order to get the approval, the student must submit the thesis online by creating a ukttawa request through the Service Requests page accessible via uoZone.

The board of examiners is appointed by the vice-dean of the student’s faculty upon recommendation from the chair uottada the academic unit.

Submission and evaluation

Some also help you track how much of your time you spend per week on each work activity e. This section features the form for topic registration, deadlines and regulations regarding uottawq topic registration. The student must submit the revised thesis for evaluation within three 3 consecutive terms after the initial proposql. This person is considered to be an internal examiner. Queen’s faculty of ottawa, et recherche qualitative: Entire site Library Employee directory Close.

fgps uottawa thesis proposal

Research fund fcrf new ideas or overwhelmed writing. The university of ecosystems.

The committee members read and evaluate the thesis. After receiving the decision from the student to move to the oral defence, the thexis organizes the oral defence at a time acceptable to the examiners and the candidate. Visit the Faculty of Education website.

Standards In formulating the proposal, students should keep in mind the standards for theses set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and defined as follows in the General Regulations you can read these on the FGPS website: Electronic submission of the final version Submission of the final version of the thesis through uO Research.

fgps uottawa thesis proposal

Finally, the thesis supervisor is given the opportunity to comment or ask questions. It must be revised and undergo the evaluation and defence process again with the same jury.


It usually includes a brief presentation outtawa the student and several rounds of questions and discussions.

fgps uottawa thesis proposal

In the long run, taking the time to revise and resubmit a more focused, coherent, persuasive proposal will make it much easier for the student to complete a strong research paper or thesis in a timely manner. This is analogous to the demands of writing for external review committees, such as those of SSHRC and OGS, which are uottwa of scholars from different disciplines.

Visit the Faculty of Education website. Normally, the association between a supervisor, thesis committee, and fgs is formed as a result of mutual selection.

Submission and evaluation | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies | University of Ottawa

The uotttawa must submit the thesis for evaluation, as a service request, through the candidate center in uoZone. Submission and evaluation Main steps to thesis submission and evaluation.

Once the corrections are made, the student has to submit the revised version to the supervisor. Office hours Monday to Friday From 8: Why is it worthwhile to tackle this particular problem in this particular way: A preliminary bibliography listing all the primary sources and a substantial selection of secondary sources should be attached to the proposal.

Thesis prize nomination and selection For a thesis to be eligible for inclusion tgps the annual thesis prize competition, the jury must have voted to recommend it for a prize at the thesis defence.

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