Graduate Studies and Research. This course, which can be completed in less than an hour, is expected to be completed at your own pace by the end of your first semester. PhD candidates have a maximum of six years to complete their work irrespective of whether they started the program from a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. The Non-degree student who withdraws or whose time elapses may apply for reinstatement, providing the original application as a Non-degree student is not more than three years old and progress in previous non-degree courses is deemed satisfactory. For the best printing results, choose to print PDF documents as images. Please review the various deadlines below for more details. Proposed changes that deviate from the approved program must be agreed to through the FGSR office, and final approval may be at the level of the Faculty Council.

An overview of the University of Regina’s Intellectual Property Policy and its relevance for graduate students has been prepared by the Dean and should be consulted. If the submission to FGSR is incomplete or the writing in the thesis is determined to be of substandard quality i. The University does not require the publication of Doctoral theses as a whole other than in microfilm by the UMI. One week pre-departure classes will included lectures, information sessions, and preparation of a project proposal. The submission must include:. Blogs and Wikis Student Profile: Fees will be assessed according to the registration.

Pre-Defense Procedures

guidelinfs Extensions are granted to students who encounter difficulties while actively trying to complete their program. A grade of XF, suspension, and expulsion appear on the official transcript. Letters are sent to the students’ current mailing address as record in the university’s student information system. U of R Home. You do not need to submit a paper copy of your thesis, unless the External Examiner or Chair for the defense request a print out of the thesis.


An additional tyesis must take the form of a voluntary withdrawal.

For the best printing results, choose to print PDF documents as images. This committee will provide you with additional guidance, support and research perspectives. It is very important that the nature and number of activities and the grading aspects be defined guivelines the form. In the case of a Master Thesis, the student’s department or unit will send a copy of the thesis to the External Examiner.

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Early Release of Parchment Order Form. Here are some suggestions ftsr make the final dissertation effective:. The reinstatement will be as a Probationary student for at least one semester of full-time registration.

The relationship s between the papers, and the major ideas or contributions they contain, should be summarized in the conclusions, or foreshadowed in the introduction. For this reason, theses submitted from Guidwlines of Alberta graduate students are included in: A student who has been discontinued for academic reasons i.

Thesis Dissertation Guidelines | Faculty of Science

If you are submitting your thesis for the months of May or October, there is a blackout period between convocations in Bear Tracks. Chen Liu Computer Games Discussion: Comprehensive examinations, thess required, are the responsibility of the academic units.

fgsr thesis guidelines

Fgwr advantages include the accessibility of computing facilities, library, laboratory, and other physical facilities as well as the opportunity to participate in seminars and a variety of on-campus cultural activities. Graduate Studies and Research. If, in the opinion of the Supervisory Committee, a student is not making satisfactory progress on either course work or research, a recommendation will be made to the Dean of FGSR that the student be discontinued.


A reinstatement fee refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research fee schedule is assessed. The University of Alberta Libraries will also catalogue your thesis in its collection. Students will explore an area of their interests in addition to learning about the culture and people. Confirm with your department that this form has been completed and sent to the FGSR.

fgsr thesis guidelines

You will write a thesis to the acceptable standards with the support of your supervisor and co-supervisor and committee. Request for Transfer Credit or Advanced Standing. The ready to defend thesis as a PDF. If revisions of the thesis are required by the examining committee prior to submission to FGSR and the Library, students must submit the final corrected copy no later than the end of the next semester or the student will be required to register.

If the application is older than three years, a new application will be required. Each thesis is expected to include material acceptable for publication in scholarly journals of the field in which the candidate has done the research. To be eligible for convocation, all students in a thesis degree program must present and defend a thesis embodying the results of their research.

See Before You Start. If, in the opinion of the academic unit concerned, a student is not making satisfactory progress on either course work or research, a recommendation will be made to the Dean of FGSR that the student be required to discontinue.