Abstracts Authors Papers Full Site. Third Prize winner in fqxi. Submission to the FQXi essay contest. With no theory explaining this aberration at the time the exclusions may be considered reasonable, but it now appears that the opportunity for a serendipitous finding may also have been excluded. To that I would reply: Common Nouns are then in the same class as Proper Nouns, and in a different class to metaphysical concepts including mathematics, algebraic symbols and derivatives. Whether from single particle spin, sphere surfaces or carrier beams, the ‘changes’ implicit in the motions of the various complex orbital angular momentum give the complexity between 0 and 1, termed the IQbit.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The invisible inequality of a 2: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Quasi-classical Entanglement, Superposition and Bell Inequalities. In particular John von Neumann’s proposal for a more consistent application of QM’s uncertainty principle, to all interactions, is followed.

Malus’ Law applies at emitters and detectors. Apparent changes observed are changes to physical entities and relationships NOT to any entity called ‘Time’.

fqxi essay 2013

No logical or mathematical system claims to have overcome paradox. The optical helix has also shown it’s power as a waveguide. Developing Robotic Scientists for Space Exploration.

The class includes; cardinalised integers, assigned symbols, algebra, finite values and numerical derivatives; speed, frequency, correlations etc.

Studying physical entities afresh it becomes apparent, if surprising, that for sizes at essya scales no two physical entities are identical. But the new law only applies only to relationships in the natural universe.


Quasi-classical Entanglement, Superposition and Bell Inequalities. When asked how much? Only removing the original choice removes the mass.

fqxi essay 2013

PRA, 87, http: A Short History of Spin. The talk can be seen here. Mathematics freed of paradox needs only refinement and layering in sub-sets to approximate nature with increasing precision.

e-Print archive, Quantum Gravity and String Theory

It is this possibility, of a homogeneous account of the world, which is for me the chief esswy of the study of the so-called essaay variable” possibility. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In recent years, the notion that information may be the basis for reality, rather than the other way around, has become more popular. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Cardano, also a doctor, objected to gruesome medical practice but did well at gambling.

Our paper can be found at arXiv: The Superposition Principle in Quantum Mechanics – did the rock enter the foundation surreptitiously? The text qfxi addresses in a nonmathematical way the wavelength of electromagnetic waves, the frequency of gravitational waves, gravitational and electromagnetic waves having identical speed, the gamma-ray burst designated GRBthe smoothness of space, Self-influence and ESP caused by quantum entanglement in time, and Human involvement in the retrocausality of gravity, electromagnetism and matter.


In addition, Philip Goyal ‘s talk was also mentioned, which is joint work with Knuth as well.

Quantum Gravity and String Theory

Phase locking has a finite range and optical tweezers a finite length. Submitted to FQXi essay contest, “It from bit or bit from it” In recent years, the notion that information may be the basis for reality, rather than the other way around, has become more popular.

The quantum eraser ‘particle’ case uses the same assumption and ‘conserved photons’ so produces paradox. Springer International Publishing, A real rotational interaction mechanism is identified producing the same curve, dynamically represented here; http: Notify me of new comments via email.

So what precisely is now proposed?

However, physicists such as John Archibald Wheeler suggested that information is fundamental to the physics of the universe. Coherent forward scattering CFS in plasma narrows scattering angles plasma beams can be self focussing. A search reveals no valid experimental findings as yet correlating individual pair returns, as needed to access the pattern predicted herein.

Waves are a simple 2D optical research, of waves, particles or surface plasmons xvii xviii. View Edit History Print.