For example, nowadays women can work as a police or office executive as men did. Tan, Thean Heng Anticancer property of some metal II complexes of 1, phenanthroline and maltol. A structural analysis using input-output approach. Malaysian public listed property companies. Retrieved May 10, , from ScienceDirect database. In addition, there was evidence showing that university students will have more positive attitudes and better acceptance toward homosexuality.

Attitudes of university students toward lesbians and gay men in Turkey. Tan, Keng Yean Phylogenetic diversity of nitrogenase nifH gene within the rhizosphere of Colocasia esculenta of ex-tin mining soil. Yu, Gen Qian Development of form stable phase change material for solar water heater. Lee, Jia Chii Handwritten Chinese character recognition using x-y graphs decomposition and two-dimensional functional relationship model. Wong, Chen Hin Adjudication: In the past time, each gender have different in the societies and people having certain role expectation from them. Chen, Jian Jie Effect of different reflux durations towards the physical and chemical properties of vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts.

Students have to register for the class once the Mail Master notification is sent out in week 1. Homosexual people also have their own right in choosing their sexual identity and sexual orientation as long as they do not cause any harm to other people. Overall, there were 40 undergraduate male students 20 Malays, 20 Chineseand 40 undergraduate female students 20 Malays, utsr Chinese participated in this study.

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Tan, Chiew Thing Consumer impulse purchase behaviour towards ready-to-drink products in Malaysia. Attitudes of university students toward lesbians and gay men in Turkey.


Final Year Project – Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

China Information, 22 2. Lim, Chuen Yang Monitoring the coefficient of variation through a variable parameters chart.

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Lim, Sin Hong Mobile food planning and conservation system food tagging and inventory control. Industry-based overreaction and underreaction in Malaysia. Hence, this study was aimed to examine the demographic variables educational influence, genders and religious groups in attitudes toward homosexuality among peninsula Malaysia students.

Choo, Benjamin Bing Chee and Lee, Ziyi and Ng, Jun Quan Brief mindfulness practice as an intervention on the relationship between cyberbullying and depressive symptom among young adults in Malaysia. Leng, Yen Ran Development of instrumented insole using force sensing resistors.

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Leong, Kwan Yi Code-switching: Tan, Jon Wen Development of an industrial pick utra place machine for gauge repeatability and reproducibility GGR measure of vision modules. Remember me on this computer. This is due to the fact that Malaysia is an Islamic country. Leo, Yean Ling A study on rna pseudoknot predictions. Followed by the Slightly Discomfort thesiss Negative Attitudes toward homosexuality in which there were Foo, Shi Wei Design and develop of an automated tennis ball collector and launcher robot for both able-bodied and wheelchair tennis players – ball recognition systems.

Gan, Gabriel Kok Wai Fet curve tracer.

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Initially, participants were being planned to include inside the study. Phoon, Bao Lee Photodegradation of dyes in binary system using titanium dioxide through statistical approach. Sia, Siew Ping Accounting professionals work values, job satisfaction and intention to leave.


Yau, Ai Zhen The impact of communication satisfaction and emotional exhaustion on organizational commitment.

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It covers 6 modules 4 hours: Lee, Jia Hui Object finder for the visually impaired. Lee, Yen Chiew A study of relationship between parenting styles and self-esteem: Items 1, 2, 6, 8, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, and 21 are reverse scored. Lim, Jun Yuen Metasearch engine on properties.

Chong, Guang Yu Anti-theft security system using face recognition.

Operational Definition The term homosexuality refers to the sexual behavior between people who are having the attraction or sexual orientation towards the same sex people. Kung, Khai Jhun News Framing: Rubenesvaran Rau, Home Narayanan and Yaw, Kah Yipp and Yew, Jin Perceived organizational support and social support as predictors on turnover intention among offshore yhesis and gas workers in Malaysia.

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The Role of Liberalization. Lobelia chinensis and Ipomoea batatas. Therefore, women and men nowadays were believed to have quite common in perceptions, belief and perspectives toward homosexuality.