Tee, Shiau Foon Cross ethnic association of neurotransmitter gene variants with Schizophrenia. Chua, Kah Keong Development and analysis of spatial domain and transform domain watermarking technique. Chan, Li Ching The regulations of cytokines and chemokines in dengue virus-infected patients. Ng, Vincent Chet Shen An intelligent distributed controller for a wheelchair that is operated by a brain-computer interface. Teh , Wen Shun Adsorption-photocatalysis of malachite green using titanium dioxide and empty fruit bunch derived-activated carbon.

Loh, Wan Ying Slam-based mapping for object recognition. By applying the karmic causes in describing the emerges of homosexuality, when a karmic stream has been passed down through many rebirths as one gender, and in this lifetime appears as the other gender, it is believed that there are habitual inclinations carried over which sometimes cause the current individual to be sexually more attracted to members of his or her own gender MacPhillamy, n. Buddhism taught is about tolerance and respect to other individual although they maybe different from us. Cheah, Yvonne Ai Lin Risk-adjusted portfolio performance. Please bring along your student ID for the purpose of recording your attendance using barcode All FYP part-2 students are required to sign in between 9. Khor, Ke Xin Synthesis and characterization of mesogenic schiff base ether, p-n- Dimethylamino benzylidene-p-alkyloxyanilines. This maybe due to the fact with the merely exposure of the students in the university study environment, the students were being influence by their peers on how to treat other people with respect and tolerance.

Tee, Shiau Foon Cross ethnic association of neurotransmitter gene variants with Schizophrenia. Moreover, in various researches conducted by Herek as cited in Horn,there was a strong evidence showing that men have higher levels of sexual prejudice than women.


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This is supported by the study conducted by Al-Haqq Kugle in which progressive Muslims extend its implied meaning beyond its explicit wording, to condemn also male sexism, gender injustice, and social htesis of homosexuals. Malaysian public listed property companies.

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Chok, Eu-Tjin Demand side management: This is because there is no consistent research to show that university or college students hold more positive attitudes towards homosexuality.

The index of attitudes toward homosexuals 30 thesie later: Hence, there were 80 samples each university with 20 samples being selected from four universities in peninsula Malaysia.

Capitata and Capsicum Capsicum Annuum L. I would vote for a homosexual in an election for public office. Malaysian gen y males. Chong, Hui Teing Factors affecting online shopping of purchasing apparels among young adults.

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Attitudes toward homosexuals among youth in multiethnic Brussels. Teh, Esther Theng Yinn Communicating csr to consumers: Chua Sing Yee sychua utar.

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The person who is being stigmatized the most is homosexual individual. A study on Malaysian service firms. Quah, Yixian Cytotoxic activity of bioactive peptides derived from Malaysian marine sponge, Xestospongia Testudinaria, and soft coral, Sarcophyton Glaucum, on HeLa cells.

Lai, Jing Yi Investigation of potential antioxidants from the endemic plant of Sarawak, Calophyllum castaneum. Chia, Pooi Yee Antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds From the marine algae padina antillarum. Evidence from 5 Southeast Asia countries. In Malaysia if an individual was not being obedience to the family taught, then he or she will be viewed as disgrace according to the local context.


Chen, Jian Jie Effect of different reflux durations towards the physical and chemical properties of vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts. Evidence from United States.

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Lim, Edwin Chui Seng Evaluation of high temperature boiler tubed using iterative analytical approach. Tan, Siew Hui Morphological characterization and sequence analysis of 5. Hence, this study was aimed to examine the demographic variables educational influence, thwsis and religious groups in attitudes toward homosexuality among peninsula Malaysia students.

Khor, Y Chun Novel multifunctional filtering power dividers made on circular patch resonators. Chai, Yung Joon Thesos occlusion and object removal detection. The love between two males or two females is quite different from the 1 2 3 4 5 love between two persons of the opposite sex.

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Hence, ATH Scale can be used as the general measure for entire homosexual population. Ching, Li-Lynn Memory system design: The determinants of total zakat collection from Thezis banking perspective. Attitudes toward homosexuality 24 Although majority of the students were showing the negative attitudes toward the homosexuality, there are still a slight majority of the students Sia, Siew Ping Accounting professionals work values, job satisfaction and intention to leave.

Yap, Kah Shing Formula optimization on match butter: