If you have made changes to the text after your PhD Degree Application: The examiners agree immediately on the assessment of the thesis defense and communicate it to the candidate. Grab a beer and let your curiosity flow! Pint of Science ist ein Wissenschaftsfestival, das weltweit vom Graduations Check out the list of the most recent graduations at the GCB. If you come in person, please arrange a personal appointment in advance.

If you have made changes to the text after your PhD Degree Application: Thesis Defense and Final Assessment. No advance registration needed; PhD candidates of the GCB sign the attendance list after the event Guests are welcome. Events in politics and science have shown that these virtues are not always self-evident and that it is necessary to be actively aware of these qualities. Thesis defenses are announced one week ahead of the defense date.

Thesis Defense and Final Assessment. Assessments by Supervisor and External Co-referee The thesis is independently assessed by the supervisor and by the external co-referee. Hard and electronic copies of the thesis without signature cannot be accepted.

In line with this, we found that patients with systemic mastocytosis present low levels of both 5mC and 5hmC as compared to healthy controls Leoni et al. The supervisor evaluates the experimental work and the written thesis.

The PhD program aims to provide comprehensive, internationally competitive training in the theory and practice of experimental research as well as in-depth specialist knowledge of the individually selected research area. Events in politics and science have shown that these virtues are not always self-evident and that it is necessary to be actively aware of these qualities. Within the time frame of 18 to max. Applications to the Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences must be submitted to the coordinator no later than four months after the start of the research project.


Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB) – University of Bern

Application for the PhD Degree. Monticelli – in Eur J Haematol vol. It lies in the candidate’s responsibility to schedule a date for the defense, in agreement with the thesis committee.

Application at the GCB Step 1: Honesty and integrity are the foundations of research and scientific activities. PhD Program The PhD program usually lasts three years and offers structured post-graduate training in experimental research. Doctoral Studies at the University of Bern. Check out the details! Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences Brochure: It is recommended that you actively exmatriculate after completion of your PhD, by contacting the Admissions Office.

Requirements for PhD Degree Application All required ECTS credit points are collected Successful passing of Mid-term Evaluation At least one 1 st author paper published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal; exemptions must be supported by the external co-referee and accepted by the responsible Expert Committee Positive assessment of supervisor Positive assessment of external co-referee.

The members of the Expert Committee decide no later than one week before the specified date of the thesis defense upon acceptance of the thesis and admission to the thesis defense. Reduced DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation in patients with systemic mastocytosis. Step-by-Step to the PhD Degree.

gcb thesis bern

Applies only to candidates of the Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich: Front Page docx, 63KB Abstract Comprehensive introduction into the field Hypothesis and aim of the thesis Results, can be added as published or submitted manuscripts. If this option is chosen, a separate page needs to be inserted before each manuscript in the thesis, where the title of the manuscript and a short description of your own contribution is stated i.


gcb thesis bern

Although some genetic variants have been associated with the occurrence of mast cells disorders, the molecular mechanisms underlying their pathogenesis remain still largely unknown, and growing evidences suggest that epigenetic processes including 5mC and 5hmC could play a role in gern pathogenesis of these diseases.

Requirements for PhD Degree Application.

gcb thesis bern

The external co-referee evaluates the written thesis. Application Deadlines for PhD Candidates.

PhD Degree

Monica Schaller and Cc to info gcb. Keynotes and workshops for PhDs gc Postdocs researching soil, tyesis and gut microbiomes and their links to host and environmental health. It is essential that you carefully follow the instructions below and on the Front Page template. Before applying to the Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences GCBcandidates must themselves arrange for a research laboratory and a supervisor.

Photocopies of university diplomas e. The supervisor is responsible for the research project, the laboratory infrastructure, adequate supervision and the salary of the student according to SNF guidelines. Furthermore, enough time must be granted to the external co-referee for the evaluation of the approved thesis and for writing the report.