Submissions should be marked without allowance being made for extenuating circumstances by the examiners and the mark moderated by the External Examiner reported to the Chair of the Board of Examiners. A submission that does not even attempt to address the specified learning outcomes shall be deemed a non valid attempt and unit must be re-sat. Research degree submission form. Referral major amendments to your thesis. The office opening hours are 9am to 5pm. Insufficient modules passed to allow students to proceed to the next year or in the final year to complete the programme.

As part of their programme of study, a student may attend and be assessed for a module maximum of 30 credits at one level , taught at another School or Institute of the University of London, in the place of a module option at Goldsmiths. If there is a controversial issue, the different viewpoints should be heard, and if necessary a vote taken, in which external examiners shall each have a single vote, along with all other voting members. Deferred assessment should be in the same format as the original assessment. However, the results from level four year one from a former institution will not be included in the calculation of the Goldsmiths degree. Some examples of appeals which will not be considered: Continuing students who fulfill progression requirements but fail modules to the value of 15 or 30 credits at one level should be recorded as S. Completed scripts will be held by the Assessments Team to be collected by Departments for marking at the earliest possible time.

Postgraduate degrees have progression requirements individual to each programme and students should be made aware of the requirements by their department at the start of the programme.

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To calculate the overall average use 15 credit deaxline where a student’s profile contains a mixture of both 15 and 30 credit courses. Diplomas are sent to the home address recorded on the student record system. Student has formally withdrawn or interrupted, completed appropriate documentation and did not complete examinations.

Insufficient modules passed to allow a student to proceed to the next year or in final year to complete the programme. For the purposes of the calculation of the final overall average mark. Students with a disability may have been granted an assessment reasonable adjustment that allows them to apply for a short term deferral if their managed long term condition is worse at the time a submission is due. The mark awarded for a re-taken examination shall, unless there are extenuating circumstances deemed acceptable by the Board of Examiners, be subject to a penalty.


It may not be possible to arrange late summer assessment if diszertation Assessments Team do not receive notification of gooldsmiths decision before the middle of July. PGCE students who complete after 1 st August will be golesmiths on the 1 st of the month following completion of their final assessment. Departments should contact the Assessments Manager as soon as possible to discuss arrangements.

Continuing students, those registered on or before Septemberwill be able to withdraw from assessment in late summer, providing they inform Assessments in writing by the deadline notified to them. Sufficient modules passed to allow student to proceed to next year of the programme following late summer retakes or Examiners recommend that the student retake next session with tutorials or attendance for those failed modules. A record must be kept of extenuating circumstances considered and the decision made in each case for recommendation to the Board of Examiners, the record should be available for any discussion at the Board of Examiners.

There will be a late summer period for students who are permitted retakes or, in the cases of acceptable extenuating circumstances, deferred assessments. Students Registered as a Direct Entry into level six of an undergraduate degree credits Goldsmiths does not normally allow students to register for a degree in the final year. Unfortunately pending results can be overlooked during the summer and could be undecided into and beyond the start of the following session.

Resubmitting and Resitting

Students on the credit framework degree must use all three permitted attempts of a module and cannot be advised to retake. Failed practical element such as teaching practice. If the student has not provided evidence within the seven day period it is no longer acceptable to the Board, unless there are severe extenuating circumstances, which have prevented the student from complying with the regulations. Or raising the mark for an individual element of assessment and then by compensating the student a second time when determining which degree classification to award see deadkine 2.


Students, on one year full-time programmes, who have failed modules which would prevent completion of study, must be considered at a Part-in-Advance in June to identify late summer retakes.

goldsmiths dissertation deadline

Students registered to study for the first time from September will be required to be assessed in late summer if directed to do so by the Board of Examiners. Golsmiths students are required to have passed modules to a minimum of 90 credits, including any mandatory modules, before proceeding to the next level. Gold5, it should be six years from the end of the deadlline year following the uploading of the work to the system – whether by the student or by a member of staff.

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The written examination papers shall reflect the balance between the various parts of the module covered, shall be deemed to be at the appropriate standard, shall give students the element of choice and or be so designed dedaline be completed during the allotted time.

Goldsmiths cannot require other institutions to offer you the same adjustments dissertatuon agree to provide. Anonymity should be maintained during the deliberations of the Board of Examiners. This must be in the Programme Regulations and not just something Departments would like to apply. Students may appeal the decision of the Board if they experienced extenuating circumstances not known at the time.

Students registered within institutions of the University of London can apply to study modules outside their home institution, providing the programme regulations governing their degree programme allows them to do so. Specific Grading Criteria Marking Criteria.

Guidelines for appointing examiners Doc download. Where a student is absent from a written paper or fails to submit any work for assessment, unless there are extenuating circumstances, an absent should be recorded.

It is dissertahion responsibility to check this regularly.

goldsmiths dissertation deadline