The result of the test will yield a Z value which will be compared to the critical Z value to determine if the null hypothesis is accepted or rejected. A rejection of the null hypothesis means that there is a difference between the two groups and further investigation is warranted. Training should seek to maximize the performance of each individual, and should meet a specific need. The study is expected to yield two possible findings that help explain why human factors operating practices are being rejected in pilot safety culture. Air traffic services brief: Conclusion Distance learning in the aviation industry will continue to see growth, and strategies to mitigate the problems that arise must be anticipatory. FAA aviation information analysis and sharing:

The null hypothesis was rejected, which increased the plausibility of the research hypothesis. The likert scale questions are five level likert scale questions with responses of Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree. Pilot education in human factors will be improved by understanding internal and external influences on pilot safety culture. This book comes from a series called controlling pilot error, one of which was authored by my advisor Dr. This is significant because it disproves that pilots are influenced by a single group, and that it is plausible that external and internal disproportionately contribute to safey. All of the respondents are current FAA part airline pilots. Blue Threat, Why to Err in Inhuman.

That made a huge difference for me.

The survey questions indirectly address internal and external influence on pilot operating culture pertaining to human factors science. Pilots are asked to respond by selecting their level of agreement from the Likert rating scale, which will be discussed in detail below.

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The limited data suggest that this will best be accomplished by improving regulations, organizational policies and practices, in addition to pilot training and pilot discipline. E – External influence and I – Internal influence. The technology in next generation aircraft, aircraft designed with an operating philosophy based off of modern human factors science, in some cases contradicts how the pilots who fly them are evaluated. Spence highlights the additional potential negative impact of capacity restrictions for GA aircraft as NextGen works to accommodate the growth of air carriers.


As airlines progress toward distance learning, advanced learning solutions that are both organization and learner graduste must be employed.

There were twenty internal and external influence questions asked on the survey. Training should seek to maximize the performance of each individual, and should meet a specific need. The additional erauu, such as Capsotne procedures, reduced separation, reduced delays, and direct routings are benefits realized system-wide by both GA and air carriers.

Program Outcome Three 3. The objective of the research is to determine whether internal or external influence affect the greatest change in pilot line flying poject.

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Blue Threat, Why to Err in Inhuman. A result of the Z value being equal to or greater than Z critical will result in an acceptance of the Null Hypothesis.

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Retrieved August 31,from Google: Mann Whitney U Test What do you think about the quality of the capxtone online B. The expectations of the pilots are muddled and many airline pilots have stopped pursuing excellence as a result. To examine the research hypothesis the individual survey question results will be examined for trends. Data in original groups with R1 and R2 values calculated.

Timely feedback, adequate support, and social interaction are key elements of distance learning. Put all samples back on original groups with ranking and calculate sum of ranks for R1 and R2 Figure 3: Pilot operating culture shapes how CRM is used in line flying operations, and pilot operating culture is influenced by internal and external factors.


The data collected through the survey will be tested with a Mann Whitney U test. The FAA is also under funded and under staffed to adequately fulfill their dual responsibilities.

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In next generation aircraft, the emphasis of operating is placed on decision making and system management in conjunction with automation to reduce pilot workload.

What makes the difference? The website will also later be used to post the Capstone project and results. Tracking and prokect of training in the airline industry should be foundational components of the LMS Webanywhere, This study needs projec larger sample size to be statistically significant, the first recommendation is that the survey be run again for a longer duration and with an incentive so that more pilots will participate. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

This book comes from a series called controlling pilot error, one of which was authored by my advisor Dr. The comprehensive edau project was not my first choice for a final project, but it has yielded learning far beyond my expectations.

Although the data from this survey is limited due to only having 15 respondents, the data shows four areas in need of improvement.

graduate capstone project erau

A singular point of distribution and database for gathering metrics can aid in system-wide integration and facilitates better tracking.