And to my utter surprise … he smiled back. But quite spontaneously, an acronym — W-A-L-K — came to mind, which encompassed the key lessons we had learned, and continue to relearn, even to this day. When they arrested him, his offense ironically read, “Disturbing peace. In Conversation with Lobsang Phuntsok Aug And this is what spontaneously came to my mind, “Well, what gives me hope is love.

What gives me hope is that life unfailingly responds to the advances of love. With a heart of service, we can activate dormant connections and regenerate the field. That first I have to accumulate to give? Yet, deep inside we all still have that capacity. Martin Luther King Jr. Around the time of WW2, he was sitting under a tree one day when, in a flash, he had a realization that everything produced by the mind is inherently false.

Paths Are Made By Walking

Sinceit has delivered positive news to subscriber inboxes for free by volunteers every day. And to my utter surprise … he smiled back. But amidst these vertical solutions, I hope you will also bring to life the integrated power of mehtta. Our intention was to cultivate renunciation. Surrender isn’t a sacrifice of the known, but rather a celebration of the infinite. Boddhisattvas are perfect ladders.

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We saw it during the Boston Marathon when runners completed the race and kept running to the nearest blood bank. Author Unknown heard at SF airport.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

We saw it just this week in Oklahoma when a waiter at a fast food chain decided to donate all his tips to the tornado relief efforts and triggered a chain of generosity. Genius is typically seen as a static property of an individual, but what these wisdom keepers teach us is that it actually flows dynamically.


You will nupun taught to work hard, to drive your destiny, to make something of your precious life.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

There is a famous Sufi story of Mulla Nasruddin, who lost his keys one night. On speecn surface, this disruptive technology also invites us to be a trailblazer into the unknown. Instead of giving up, this young man did something that at first glance seemed bizarre, but turned out to be brilliant. To you, the class ofcongratulations!

A man who hasn’t worked for pay in nearly a decade, and whose self-stated mission is simply “to bring smiles to the world and stillness to my heart”.

When I graduated from college, I didn’t know I could opt-out of all the typical do-something questions. Just a few months ago, we held a retreat with people who were differently-abled. Just as I was watching my breath — going in and going out — I noticed a little flower blooming in the cracks of the highway.

#MakeVirtueViral: A Graduation Speech for Uncertain Times, by Nipun Mehta

I stepped inside eagerly. Change yourself — change the world. When walking in this way, you place yourself in the palm of the universe, and face its realities rgaduation on. When we think of generosity, we typically think of it as a zero sum game. DailyGood is a portal that shares inspiring quotes and news stories that focus on the “good” we can find in our world daily along with a simple action to continue that goodness.


In any moment, we have a choice in how we greet life. Our capacity to love is a currency that never runs out. A Graduation Speech, by Nipun Mehta. We just have to dance.

#MakeVirtueViral: A Graduation Speech for Uncertain Times

As I went to sleep with bby wall separating me from my wife, I had this beautiful, unbidden vision of a couple climbing to the top of a mountain from two different sides.

These principles are timeless and universal, and create virtuous cycles wherever they are found.

As the Zen master Shunryu Suzuki once remarked, it is only when you don’t know that you are open to infinite possibilities. Breathing into Balance 7, reads Apr The First G is Generosity. I want to close with a story about my great grandfather. Visited by spefch timely grace of this vision, I shed a few grateful tears — and njpun story became a touchstone not only in our relationship, but many other noble friendships as well.

So we sold all our major belongings, and bought a one-way ticket to India. So, graduation day is here and this once-in-a-lifetime milestone moment has arrived.