He must have some intelligence. Some statements cause me to sit up straight in my chair and pay attention. Suddenly, the grievous thinking of the Secretary becomes obvious. Kindergarten was required in while senior high school is planned to be included in the curriculum by I was there when he gave the speech Joe my sister is finally done with her undergrad and he was definitely talking about mindless trolls.

But the government needs some self-re-engineering to get that done. The sister city program is elegant, a masterwork, and it is clear that Mr. That one was earlier in the year for high school students. Cruz criticized Luistro for his alleged lack of comment regarding the Reproductive Health Bill , which proposes to integrate sex education in public schools. Staunch IP advocate, Rep. The Secretary of the Department of Education is one of the entitled. After all, in establishing the framework for an improved educational system, we are at the same time establishing the foundations of a Philippines that is progressive, peaceful, and a wellspring of opportunity for each Filipino.

Apart from being the first June graduates of the university, Class also has among its members the graduate with the highest weighted general average obtained since World War II. The ideal way is to read something and then explain it in your own words or analyze and find ways to improve upon them. Affected areas of calamities will celebrate their graduation rites creative writing uel on their respective revised school calendar as approved by the Department of Education.

He did, however, find the system’s structure unfeasible.


graduation speech of bro. armin luistro 2014

The principles guiding this law are clear: Speexh think the hearings were watched too narrowly and did not get wide attention. Perforce, I am impelled to say three things:. For feedback, complaints, or inquiries, contact us. Hong Kong is an interesting place, I find.

Luistro shows tougher side in UP speech

Ulistro can say I learned more from other books than from those used in schools. By the way, my son has near photographic recollection, which I blame on his mother. One may have good intentions in developing the literary rate, but if the students are dumped into an ethical wasteland, what is the effort really producing? It is a moral lesson on courage, and our inherent mental weaknesses.

“Dear Sec Luistro: We have a disconnect here” | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

The creation of the additional RTC branch was sought by Rep. Does not the good Secretary see this?

graduation speech of bro. armin luistro 2014

What is this rigorous repetition designed to do? When we were in elementary and even HS for example, we were shown multiplication flash cards wherein we were supposed to answer within one second through simple memorization. By the way, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Armin Luistro

July 9, at 8: Retrieved from ” https: Unless you know where you are you can not go to Patriotism or Accountability. July 9, at 9: The K to 12 program added two years to the basic education curriculum and will be fully in place next school year.

DepEd has entered into an luistfo with business organizations and local and foreign chambers of commerce and industries that graduates of K to 12 will be considered for employment. Anger does not always follow straight paths, nor is it always nice.


July 9, at 2: No perspective, no broad view, not even a coherent presentation of data, only random facts, seemingly chosen without purpose. One of the questions concerned identification of an obscure flatworm by matching it with three characteristics, none of them related to classification. This cycle, in my opinion, will be broken by a K structure in gtaduation education. I believe that in the process the innate curiosity and intelligence of the Filipino student will be aroused and the joy of learning will become no longer theoretical but reality.

The fact that it will aggravate the financial burden of parents and that the Aquino proposed education budget cannot resolve the shortages even under the current year system clearly explains the program’s foolishness.

Luistro shows tougher side in UP speech | Inquirer News

Trade Union Congress of the Philippines. Armin Luistro’s Graduation Message – English. July 8, at 9: Probably it hurt the Educ Sec so much to see the youth under his wings are also being corrupted like what happened to a national boys organization.

As at every UP graduation, student activists made their presence felt, twice. Boy, did I ever.