Please review the UWA Library advice on copyright if you have any concerns about use of third party materials. You can either submit a clear scanned electronic copy of both the proposal and coversheet to pghelp postgraduate. Bibliography or references A consistent method of citing references should be used. Combine as much of your work into one file as possible, including the title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, chapters and appendices. If signatures from all the co-authors cannot be obtained for the work, your Coordinating Supervisor must: If you are jointly enrolled, you should discuss this with supervisors from both disciplines and come to some arrangement which is acceptable to both disciplines.

Electronic signatures are accepted. It usually takes three weeks for classification by circulation to board members. Thesis examination forms and guidelines. Further details about thesis submission and examination can be found here. Travel award More details about the travel award are available here. Is it common in my discipline? Your school or supervisor can supply you with information on the style you should use.

Submit all items to the Graduate Research School. Kindly note that hardcopy forms will not be accepted and will be returned with advice to submit using Delphi.

grs uwa submitting thesis

If you are submitting forms for suspension, annual leave, overseas travel, maternity leave, sick leave, changes to enrolment, changes to supervision, addition of coursework units or withdrawal please consider submitting the application online using StudentConnect.

All co-authors must sign your authorship declaration, for two reasons: Schools are asked to contact the appropriate examiners to determine their willingness to examine. You should also ensure all references cited in the text are listed in the bibliography.

Permanent binding As the Reid Library no longer requires a hard copy of the final version of your thesis, it is entirely submtiting to you and your school to submotting how many copies of your thesis you would like to be permanently bound.


This linking text is usually called a chapter foreward, preamble or introduction. Also aim for a thesis that is logical and easy to read. Most disciplines have recommended standard referencing styles. If you are enrolled in more than one school, you must have the signatures of your coordinating supervisor and graduate research coordinator from each school. Also arrange for one copy of your thesis to be temporarily bound. Step ten Register submitring graduation with the graduation officer in Student Administration, Student Central.

Updated Monday, 11 September, If some or all of the chapters have been published with different fonts and formats, the formatting in the thesis may be made uniform so that the thesis as a whole has a professional appearance. Many candidates organise their thesis as a series of papers. Students transferring from other universities should use the hardcopy forms.

You will be notified in writing of the procedure for resubmission of a thesis. Submit all components Submit all items to the Graduate Research School.

Submission of final version : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia

Step two You can follow the progression of your thesis examination in your milestones on Student Connect. In some disciplines, PhD theses are shorter than 25, words. The Delphi user manual can be thesiw here.

grs uwa submitting thesis

Support for preparing an annual report can be found here. Your choice of fonts, font sizes, margins, heading styles, the amount of white space used, and the number and titles of chapters should be informed by the needs of your reader.

grs uwa submitting thesis

The more detail you can provide the better as your examiners will use your declaration to determine what parts of the work are examinable.


If you are enrolled in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, you need to attach a research proposal coversheet to your proposal and ensure your Co-ordinating Supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator have signed the coversheet. What do examiners kwa of thesis as a series of papers? Use the Leave Form for all leave of more than 4 weeks taken within Australia, including:. You need not feel that when you submittung spending time on your papers you are running out of time to prepare your thesis.

More details about the travel award are available here. Application forms and guidelines for PhD and master’s candidature Research proposals Scholarship forms Confirmation of candidature Progress and annual reports Extension of candidature and scholarships Intellectual property and thesis confidentiality Leave for research end-user engagement Submission of thesis or other examinable work Thesis examination forms and guidelines Travel award Thesis allowance forms Relocation claim.

The connections between papers can be outlined in the general introduction but some students also introduce each new chapter with ‘linking text’. A thesis may be presented in the form of a typescript, as a published book or paper, or as a series of papers. Consult writing a report of thesis revisions for the board.

Submitting your proposal

You may choose to combine appendices into a second file, if the file size is large e. The examination process normally takes four to five months, however due to the nature of the process, may take longer. You can download the seminar slides and workshop booklets at any time.