The method may be implemented by one or more computer programs that are stored or executed by an application server see, e. At , an annotation document is generated based on the software object having been processed see according to the rules. As a result, annotated software objects may be generated in a dynamic, non-intrusive manner. Weakly supervised learning for fake news detection on Twitter. Geospatial Web Mining for Emergency Management. New articles related to this author’s research. Heuristics for fixing common errors in deployed schema.

Classes in a programming model may be used for representing information about different things. Hilera, Using Ontologies in Software engineering and Technology. The combination of these components allows the user to communicate with the system. Master’s thesis topics are available on demand. Furthermore, system integration most often deals with legacy systems that cannot or must not be altered, be it for technical or legal reasons. Other pieces of software can access the object only by calling its functions and procedures that have been allowed to be called by outsiders. RDF graph embeddings for content-based recommender systems.

The head is a set of RDF triples, each consisting of a subject, a predicate, and an object; all three of which may depend on the object to annotate.

Ontologies for User Interface Integration.

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My profile My library Metrics Alerts. The method of claim 1wherein the plurality of rules relate an hekio and a class model according to an arbitrary mapping. Heilo the Internet example, software components or services may reside on multiple different computer systems or servers,and across the network. An object is a discrete bundle of functions and procedures, often relating to a particular real-world concept. International Semantic Web Conference.


What is special about Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? According to an embodiment, the rules have a body and a head in the following format.

USB2 – System and method of annotating class models – Google Patents

diswertation In case of existing code for the class model, they cannot be applied. Further Details As discussed above, the system implements dynamic semantic annotation in a non-intrusive manner. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Data attributes may often contain non-atomic values, such as a name attribute storing disserattion first and last name or even worse from an ontologically precise point of view: A common way of establishing such an exchange is using semantic annotations of the objects exchanged.

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The class model may also contain classes that do not have any corresponding category in the shared conceptualization, and therefore not in the ontology either. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. A decomposition of the outlier detection problem into a set of supervised learning problems. The method of claim 1further comprising: Ensembles of recurrent neural networks for robust time series forecasting.

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As discussed above, many existing systems for semantic annotation of objects assume a 1: An embodiment may be integrated with such a system by wiring the reasoner’s A-box connectors to the component’s annotation engine. Addison Wesley, Chapters 3 and The annotation engine component may generate the annotation paupheim.


US8701087B2 – System and method of annotating class models – Google Patents

The ontology shows categories as ellipses, data attributes as rectangles, subcategory relations as arrows with empty heads, and other relations as arrows with filled disserrtation. A class model in turn is task-specific, with the focus on an efficient implementation of an application for solving tasks in the modeled domain.

heiko paulheim dissertation

A web-scale study of the adoption and evolution of the schema. Semantic Web9, Feature Selection in Hierarchical Feature Spaces. Fowler, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. It thus performs a useful function for system integration.

In some systems, bus may be divided into multiple specialized buses.

heiko paulheim dissertation

Intelligente Datenauswertung mit Linked Open Data. Thus, a more sophisticated mechanism for annotating objects is required.

Intrusive approaches do not generate new Java classes from an ontology, but modify i. The client hriko include components similar to those of the computer system Based on the above disclosure and the following claims, other arrangements, embodiments, implementations and equivalents will be evident to those skilled in the art and may be employed without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the claims.