Thus, the annotation engine component may operate with legacy software components that cannot be modified technically or legally , or that would be difficult to modify, in order for the software component to generate annotated objects on its own. A non-transitory computer readable medium storing instructions, that when executed by the a computer processor configure the computer processor for: For example, the computer system may implement a server. Machine Learning , , If implicit knowledge is involved, e. The software object is an instance of a class in an object-oriented computing environment.

These defects occur due to the different natures of class models and ontologies. The network interface may be a digital subscriber line DSL or a modem to provide data communication connection over a telephone line, for example. To this end, we propose a methodology to capture the meaning of image-caption pairs on the basis of large amounts of machine-readable knowledge that have previously been shown to be highly effective for text understanding. Data-driven joint debugging of the DBpedia mappings and ontology. In contrast, an embodiment of the present invention uses dynamic semantic annotation to transfer objects from an arbitrary class model into instance data of a given ontology. The annotation engine component includes a rule engine component , an object inspector component , a resource identifier factory component , and an annotation writer component While the former does not provide any information about the exchanged objects’ semantics, the latter can only be applied if there exists a 1:

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The subject, predicate, and object may be either constants or XPath expressions as well. Computer system may be coupled via bus to a displaysuch as a cathode ray tube CRT or liquid crystal display LCDfor displaying information to a computer user.


Advances in Artificial Intelligence: As the examples above illustrate, a static approach relying on a 1: Data attributes may often contain non-atomic values, such as a name attribute storing both first and last name or even worse from an ontologically precise point of view: Network interface may provide two-way data communication between computer system and the local network An ontology claims to be a generic, commonly agreed upon specification of a conceptualization of a domain, with a focus on precisely capturing the semantics of terms used in a domain.

The class model may also contain classes that do not have any corresponding category in the shared conceptualization, and therefore not in the ontology either. Intelligente Datenauswertung mit Linked Open Data. New articles related to this author’s research.

As mentioned above, an embodiment of the present invention relates to a non-intrusive way of annotating objects. The method may include one or more substeps or additional steps that implement the functionality of the other components described above for the system e.

Atan annotated software object is generated based on the software object and the annotation document.

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In the example shown in FIG. Furthermore, system integration most often deals with legacy systems that cannot or must not be altered, be it for technical or legal reasons. Ausgezeichnete Informatikdissertationen S. We investigate the problem of understanding the message gist conveyed by images and their captions as found, for instance, on websites or news articles. Type prediction in RDF knowledge bases using hierarchical multilabel classification. Remote Sensing10, If you are interested in writing a master’s thesis, please have a look at these guidelines first.


US8701087B2 – System and method of annotating class models – Google Patents

In that case, the person and her role become mixed in the class modeli. In general, object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that uses objects to design applications and computer programs.

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In contrast to a static approach that defines the semantic annotation of an object at the class level at design time e. Wireless links is also another example.

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A software object is provided. The rules refer to a domain ontology Semantic Web in data mining and knowledge discovery: The network interface may be a digital subscriber line DSL or a modem to hriko data communication connection over a telephone line, for example.

Mike Uschold and Michael Gruninger, ” Ontologies: Hence the assumption of an exact 1: The system includes an annotation engine componenta rules storage componentand an ontology-enabled application programming interface API component For expressing tests and dependent values, an embodiment uses XPath, which may be not only be used to query XML documents, but also Java objects. In general, one problem with static semantic annotation approaches is that they assume a 1: Semantic Webpaulheum, Exploiting microdata annotations to consistently categorize product offers at web scale.

The presentation tier may be implemented by the client see FIG. Heuristics for fixing common errors in deployed schema.