Ask a Student or Alumni. Score for offers in the first year of studies. Cooperative projects with renowned German companies provided great opportunities to get deep insight into their brilliant management and great cooperation culture. Apart from gaining specialist knowledge students will learn the importance of teamwork, develop presentation and facilitation skills as well as improve their social competence. The curriculum encompasses the achievement of credits in seven semesters.

Studienleistungen im Gesamtumfang von 15 Credits zu erbringen. During higher semesters at Pforzheim University, free forms of teaching are applied, which focus on autonomous learning. I love to creatively use mathematics and command sequences to find answers to technical questions. For me, doing the MBA in Germany was an obvious choice and doing that in one of Germany’s top universities, it couldn’t be better. Business Analyst at Management Business Group. Study abroad programs are available.

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Information for new students. Embedded in a profound business education the specialization in purchasing and logistics is constructed systematically. Es muss ein Empfehlungsschreiben einer akademischen Institution oder eines Unternehmens eingereicht bachwlor. Further degree courses of the department. Alumni network and company contacts helped me find the right jobs and internships.

Bachelor theses in cooperation with work environment. Internship 6th and 7th Semester: Business Analyst at Management Business Group. Theeis one of these goals is outlined by learning outcomes, through which the competency goals are operationalized and become tangible.


hochschule pforzheim bachelor thesis

Embedded Systems – Master of Science M. Contact with work environment bachelor.

Score for offers in the first year of studies. Content and Structure of Program hachelor and 2nd Semester: It also gives you the chance to network amongst companies as lots of company visits are organized and also top executives in companies are being invited to classroom to share their experience and challenges in the business world. Contact Your way to us Imprint Privacy policy.

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Program Thsis Overview The Digital Enterprise Management program consists of several parts which lead to you to your exam.

Internship To be completed in the 5th semester. Subject to excellent results in your exam, you will have the chance to attend our Master Program Information Sytems M.

You will consolidate your theoretical and practical basic knowledge and deal with challenging projects.

hochschule pforzheim bachelor thesis

What can I study where in Germany? Goal at degree program level Students are able to use information technology successfully.

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Master theses in cooperation with work environment. Further information provided by the department.

Contact DEM dem at hs-pforzheim dot de. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question. Even more interesting are the students who come from diverse backgrounds. One of the outcomes of this program is to learn how to design and implement software and hardware systems. The degree program is completed with a thesis and oral examination. Their opportunities are not limited to the above-mentioned areas but include all areas where these key technologies are needed i.


Total number of students Percentage of teaching by practitioners 9. In addition to free WiFi access on campus and roughly 70 workstations there are two laboratories available for the logistics students – equipped with software systems for simulations, critical path analysis, route optimization, site optimization and route planning as well as application systems for purchasing and logistics, MS Office packages and internet accesses.

This interface is the working area of graduates of the computer science and engineering. They come from exceptional backgrounds with vast amount of knowledge and experience. Coming from an engineering background, my transaction into the business world felt very natural because of the guidance, support and exposure I got from my MBA at Pforzheim University.

Students in cooperative education.