In , Mappleton was under threat from losing 30 houses and its main road. The video below shows Mappleton in The exposed chalk of Flamborough provides examples of erosion, features such as caves, arches and stacks. However, people disagree over what land is allowed to flood as flooding farmland would affect farmers. Mappleton is an excellent case study of an attempt at coastal management.

It is an excellent example of a spit. Spurn head is at risk of being eroded away because less material is being added. If you’ve found the resources on this page useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. The beach is protected by groynes – wooden barriers which prevent long-shore drift from moving the sand along the coast Click on the link below to see the sea defences in action. They trap material transported by longshore drift. Online Activities [Online activities]:

Kerala flood case study.

holderness coast cliff collapse case study

What is coastal erosion? Pin It on Pinterest. Narrow beaches give less protection towards the coast.

holderness coast cliff collapse case study

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. What is the knock-on effect of this? Published by Crystal Blake Modified over 3 years hloderness. An annotated photograph to show the coastal management techniques used the protect Mappleton and their impact click to cosat. On the other hand the protection area is limited and nourishment can be expensive.

Although the coastal defences have had a positive impact in terms of reducing the rate of erosion and protecting the village and main road, the area directly south of the village now suffers from an even greater rate of erosion. What is plan to defend the terminal against the sea? Why have groynes been built at Mappleton? If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.


Over time the land will become marshland and new habitats will occur. This is around 2 million tonnes of material every year. Teach me, Tell Me How are coasts shaped by physical processes?

Case study: coastal management in Holderness

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Flamborough Head North Sea In Hornsea and Mapleton a major coastal road passes through these sites In order to protect the road which connects many towns, the government has had to spend millions of pounds building sea defences to protect the coast.

The Holderness Coast is one of Europe’s fastest eroding coastlines. Flamborough Head is made of which rock type? Accessibily to settlements have been affected along the coast as roads have collapsed into the sea, Impacts on environment: On the other hand it creates a strong backwash which erodes under the wall and is very expensive to build and maintain.

Cowden Farm is now at risk of falling into the sea. You can clearly see the area to the south has very gently sloping beaches and high levels of erosion where the coastal defences stop.

holderness coast cliff collapse case study

The Holderness Coast is the most rapidly eroding coastline in Europe. Long shore drift carries material south to Spurn Head collapwe where it is deposited This means very little sand is left on the beaches of the Holderness Coast Without beaches the waves crash directly into the cliffs!


Erosion on the Holderness Coast

Drainage Basin Hydrological System. Sea level rise associated with climate change and the prevailing north-easterly wind conspire to make this coast susceptible to rapid rates of coastal erosion. What is being done at Withernsea to protect the town?

Cliff stabilisation has had a positive impact in managing the threat of mass movement.

Mappleton – A Level Geography

The plan was to create an obstruction which would lead to the deposition of a beach – which would absorb the power of the waves and protect the cliff. However, in most place this is covered by glacial till deposited over 18, years ago.

As the result of the coastal scheme at Mappleton no properties have been lost to the sea and the B remains safe from the risk of erosion. The major part of the area we will study lies within the Reculver.

This icon indicates that. It is this soft boulder clay that is being rapidly eroded.