Sequences Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Conclusion 1pp 1pps 8pp. Sequences and Trees Discussion Discussion 4: Final Review Video Solutions. The TA in charge will review the topic and go over practice problems.

Macros 1pp 1pps 8pp e Suggested schedule for this week: Conclusion 1pp 1pps 8pp Lecture Lecture Newton’s Method 1pp 1pps 8pp e Iterators Video 1pp 1pps 8pp See the weekly schedule for times and locations. Data Abstraction and Lists Lab Lab 5:

homework 9 cs61a

Videos of this lecture are posted. Growth Video 1pp 1pps 8pp A schedule of review topics will be released soon.

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Mutable Values Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Streams Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Streams Video full 1pp 8pp Congratulations to the winners of the Scheme recursive art contest. Exceptions Video full 1pp 8pp Recursive Select Video full 1pp 8pp Distributed Data Video full 1pp 8pp Lost on the Moon Discussion Discussion 1: Walkthrough videos of Lab 01Homework 01 and Discussion 01 are posted.


Tables Video full 1pp 8pp Will cover mostly post MT2 material. A walkthrough video of Lab 01 has been cs61q.

About half the exam typically tests Midterm 2 content. Control and Environments Video Solutions.

homework 9 cs61a

You can still receive homewogk credit without solving everything by making significant progress on each question Sign up for Piazzathe course forum.

Sequences and Trees Discussion Discussion 4: Macros 1pp 1pps 8pp e You may bring 1 two-sided page of hand-written notes that you create yourself. Watch it to get some help with Lab 01 and Quiz 01 questions.

homework 9 cs61a

Hog project partner mixers 3: Conclusion 1pp 1pps 8pp. One-on-one tutoring will be offered starting next week.

Growth Video full 1pp 8pp Video walkthrough and annotated problems. Resubmit using python3 ok –revise. More details on Piazza.

Calculator Video full 1pp 8pp Attend discussion section and start reading the Hog project. One-on-one tutoring is now being offered see Piazza. Distributed Computing Video 1pp 1pps 8pp. Midterm 1 walkthrough video posted.


Declarative Programming Video full 1pp 8pp Workflow Lab Lab 1: