Ooh, I am starving. But I have a plan. This isn’t some kind of game. Here at Brickhouse, we pride ourselves on tradition and accomplishment. Could life get any worse?

You’re missing the point. Because work is spelt correctly in this note and I know you’d never be able to spell it correctly. Your browser is not supported by the Slacker Radio web site. Brian, I need a note. Does anyone want to tell me anything before we have our singsong?

Why’d I want to do my homework? Everybody rock the place Rock down Rock down All right, girls, you’re on next. You also have to give up the chance to win the big cash prize. Whoa, are you in two places at once? It’s called Flick the Bogey. You did it, Henry!

horrid henry homework haze

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Listen to Horrid Henry now.

You asked for it! Oh, Henry, not going to be a pop star after all?

How do you spell work? OK, guys, you’re on homwwork 3, 2, 1. Homework should be climbing trees, building forts and playing with mates.


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Some User Sample Msg. I never thought I’d say this but Great Aunt Greta has something else in mind for Henry to try out. So why do you wanna save it, then, Henry? The school inspectors are greedy but I, Vic Van Wrinkle, am even more greedy.

I am never, ever going to that school, even if my dad pays double for them to have me. Henry has always had three problems. So, Henry, you won the Ashton talent contest.

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But my homework is waiting for me There’s no escape and no TV Why does homework always get herny down, down, down? Are you certain you want to delete this board? Well, you should have thought ofthat before you began all this How horrid do you think it’s gonna be tonight, Henry? You won 2 Cool 4 School a long, long time ago? Too cool, henrg cool for school I’m the one and only The original Too cool, too cool for school A total living legend The king ofthem all Too cool, too cool for school I’m the one and only The original Too cool, too cool for school Na na na na na I’m nobody’s fool When I’m tucked up in my bed And I’m homewotk in henru head Nobody can stop me It’s like I’m really free Free from girly girls Free from boys with curls Free from bogey teachers Who only wanna preach ya Too cool, too cool for school I hate homework!


I’m going to Brickhouse to make sure Miss Lovely’s all right.

horrid henry homework haze

How did he do that? Have you seen Henry? Na-na-na, na henrg na! Now, boys and girls, today in class we’re going to learn all about France. Nice one, bogey brain.

horrid henry homework haze

It doesn’t matter how famous you become, this school will still close down.