The columnists, writers, etc. International crisis in terrorism Importance of tolerance in social life Have they been launched in Pakistan, if so, to what effect? Pluralistic vision of Islam There should be some social campaigns regarding the importance of education.

He emphasized on the ideals, teachings and principles of Islam. Later this clash changed as Moplahs versus the Police and Hindu. Special share in Municipal or district boards University senates and syndicates Muslim representation in Viceroy Executive Council. Tags education in pakistan , essay for css Thread Tools. Role of information technology in 21st century

The mystical and idealistic spirit of islam They get bore of most interesting subjects like science, maths, or Pak studies.

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The Allies imposed humiliating terms on vanquished Turkey. One important fact behind our fall in education system is bad teaching. Such were the days of despair and despondency when Sir Syed appeared on the horizon of Muslim India to rescue them. Dilemma of fprum water and energy crises in Pakistan Skip to main content.

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Ansari led a delegation to Viceroy while Maulana M. It removes the baseless beliefs, irrational prejudices and unwanted hatred from the minds.

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The mystical and idealistic spirit of islam Pakistan as leader of the Islamic World in the 21st century Greater association of Indian in all branches of government. Maulana Muhammad Ali and http: We grow too old soon and too late smart Nation which lose faith in god,deteriorate USA behavior with muslim world Right of women This all will create an environment quite conducive to the greit of democracy.


The Educational institutes are inadequate educayion growing population. Your concept of an ideal beaurocrate Needless to say, the presence of corrupt politicians is a huge threat to the evolution of democracy in the country. The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that CSSForum has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message.

Interest free banking or Ideal banking system It is considered one of the great tragedies in India. Recently, it has been seen that the civil society has also raised its voice in favour of democracy.

Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan He advised the Muslims to be above self-interest and devote themselves to Islam. They need to understand the fact that this act of injustice can ruin many talented lives.

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Prepare a brief draft brouchure for a foreign tourist, describing beautiful scenic spots and historical places in Pakistan. The Muslim community supported it strongly but Hindus retaliated furiously saying it the division of motherland. Therefore, in order to fulfill this desire he started the Aligarh movement.


The fact that political environment is rife with corrupt politicians is essa aggravated by the absence of a strong and ruthless accountability culture in the country. The study environment should be relaxing so that students should feel comfort and can concentrate.

importance of education essay css forum

Enter the email address you foru, up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Higher science education in the developing countries But through proper resources and governmental policies, these problems can be tackled easily and Pakistan can be one of the emerging nations in education.

So, he is in a position to protest against, or support the actions of, the government.