Biblical scholar John Bright concisely describes each faction and succinctly explains the circumstances in which they emerged: He succeeded in conquering the majority of the known world in only 13 years, and in unifying it under the Hellenistic culture, language, and freedom. Not all humans readily and entirely adopt such enormous changes to their lives. The Works of Flavius Josephus. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. William Whiston, Christian Ethereal Library. Some five hundred years span the distance between these two Biblical writers, but we seem not to worry that the political, religious and ideological worlds that these two writers came from were in many ways radically different from each other.

It was, apparently, among the Essenes that the Jewish apocalyptic tradition was carried forth, and much of its literature produced. It cannot be studied without considering the influence of worldly events. What the leaders simply desired was stability, which came through the loyalty and taxes of those living within the boundaries of the empire. Decoding the Literary Record, that much of the disagreement is a result the various ways in which historians date Jewish events. Within the space of several years c. Introduction to the Intertestamental Period.

It also reinforced the religious convictions of Jews liberth led to Maccabean Revolt. Jews were allowed freedom to practice their religious traditions and ceremonies, and even maintained a level of self rule as a subordinate temple state led by the high priest.

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Under Ptolemaic rule, Jewish writers translated Old Testament into the Septuagint which tied the Diaspora together and provided a mechanism that would be used to spread the Gospel. Other Jews tried to write historical expositions of the Jewish people following the literary examples of Greek historian Herodotus.

Peter Schfer editorTibingen: At the age of 13, Alexander was educated by Aristotle providing him with a Hellenistic education that would serve him in his years of conquest. Soon kntertestamental Greek language was imported to each of these areas and with it the best of Greek learning, including philosophy, astronomy, music, math, medicine and literature.


intertestamental period research paper liberty university

They not only accepted other parts of Scripture as authoritative alongside the Torah, they also regarded the oral law developed to interpret the written as fully obligatory. But the coming of the Roman occupation [c.

(DOC) Intertestamental Period Paper – NBST – Roberts[2] | David Roberts –

A s a side note, we should mention that not all groups of Israelites agreed upon which books should be included in the authoritative canon. The Bar Kokhba Revolt: Alexander also dreamed of bringing the world together in a powerful unity of Greek culture. What we discover, however is that culture was vibrant, religion was compelling, and politics were divisive just as they are in our own day. At one point, he erected a statue of Zeus in the temple and pdriod a pig on the alter. What we are simply attempting to do is to get back to the most original and authentic versions of the Biblical text; each translation and each transmission takes us one step further from the original and pure source.

K stenberger, and Charles L. The Essenes are not mentioned in the New Testament, but are of interest to us because of their connection with unversity Dead Sea Scrolls and the way that researcy scrolls inform our understanding of Judaism and Christianity at the time of Christ.

In New Testament times there had emerged a party of Jntertestamental, fanatically brave and reckless men who were ready to strike for independence against whatever odds, trusting that God would come to their aid.

Although the Second Temple period covers around years of history, the Roman occupation and rule occurred at the end of the period.

Between the Testaments: An Invitation to Explore the Intertestamental Time Period

It was also of great importance to the preservation process of these religious writings that various groups of Israelites established criteria by which writings could be judged to be of spiritual worth and thus included in the body of literature that was to be normative of both religious practice and belief. Help Center Find new research papers in: Men such as these precipitated the [Jewish] revolts of A. For example, there lived in Alexandria at the time researcy Christ a learned Jew, named Philo, who was much enamored with the philosophical doctrines of the Greek philosopher Plato.


intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Opposite these were, most notably, the Pharisees. Decades later when the Persians conquered Babylon, Cyrus decreed that the Jerusalem temple should be rebuilt ca. The nearly years of previous history set the stage for Roman rule in Judea.

Second Temple Period- Final. Their opposition to uniersity [Maccabean ] priest-kings was, however, irreconcilable.

Although not as easily predicted, the dispersion of the Jews provided the lines of communication from Judea to Samaria and the rest of the known world that would carry the Gospel to the outer limits of the empire.

Jews were allowed freedom to practice their religious traditions and ceremonies, and even maintained a level of self rule as a subordinate temple state led by the high priest. He envisioned himself enacting the great exploits of the Greek warriors who fought in the Trojan War, memorialized by the ancient writings of Homer, copies of which Alexander carefully stored under his pillow wherever intertestzmental went.

The Cambidge History of Judaism. Now that we have discussed one example of how Jewish world views changed from within let us return to the history of the eastern Mediterranean and discuss a few ways that outside influences changed the Jewish world. It was Roman administrative rule and the Reseafch culture which had conquered the conquering Romanswhich provided the backdrop for the world of the New Testament, a world that had once been dominated by independent Israelites and then later by Babylonian and Persian authority.

Despite being on the losing side of the conflict, Herod was able to repair his relationship with Rome and pledged his loyalty to the undisputed Roman emperor.