Paroles publiques et paroles confidentielles: Perspectives on Contemporary Legend. Sex and Money in Contemporary Legends Knoxville: The Occult in Folklore and Popular Culture. C arroll , Michael P. Young women called Mary Whales in mirrors in various settings, and young men sometimes watched them running out of the bathroom screaming, and later teased them about it. F arrer , Claire R.

The tale Snow White written by the Brothers Grimm in made use of a magic mirror as well. University of Tennessee Press. Essays In Psychoanalytic Folkloristics. A Performance-Centered Study of Narration. When I formally interviewed her in , Alice recalled her response the first time, I remember feeling shock and horror and thinking how terrible that must have been and what a tragedy it was. Autobiographical Literary Criticism Freidman et al.

Bloody Mary Legend

Her fieldwork notes gave me comparative material that was very useful in tracing changing attitudes toward the mass murderess, and in tracing shifts from personal experience narratives to family stories to community legends. Issue of Journal of American Folklore Clearly, Blooyd was deeply influenced by structural models for evaluating myth and ritual, dominant at that time, rich in the possibilities of validating narrative study on the abstract level of Langue.

janet langlois bloody mary essay

Mirrors were also covered whenever a person died in a particular room to avoid the spirit from being trapped in the house. Auteur Janet Langlois Haut de page. Since the s, researchers and folklore experts have attempted to analyze the legend in order to determine where and when it started.


New Brunswick, NJ and London: Plan Legend and Classic Ethnography in Miniature. Literally etched in black and white, paired but conflicting stories outlined the racial tensions in the city: Personally, I was a new mother myself, and, professionally, I was motivated by the exciting combination of feminism and folklore re-energizing folklore studies Farrer, ; Hollis, et al.

Confessions of a Legend Hunter in the U.S.A.

Retrieved from ” http: L angloisJanet L. It was one of the first anti-gay, blame-the-victim narratives I had heard in which a young man who works in a Burger King fast food franchise, had learned that he had contracted AIDS. G elfandDonald E.

O ringElliott ed. M orinEdgar,Rumor in Orleans. Many of these stories also teach children certain lessons or warnings, such as the old nursery rhymes that originated in Europe. Z eitlinSteve J. The Occult in Folklore and Popular Culture. Throughout the years, researchers have attempted to tie this children’s legend to real life historical events.

It is said that many years ago Mary was sick and died. Her f by giselle lancheros on Prezi

T angherliniTimothy R. Turning in circles, the use of candles, and repeating incantations are all elements of a typical magical ritual that can be found throughout many cultures.


janet langlois bloody mary essay

I found myself as ethnographer caught in a double bind: Maggie says she read the above version of the legend in “some cheesy Carver Edlund book. The continued boycott of the Sheik Restaurant can be seen as misplaced anger…, but even more, as a disturbing reminder of the intricate connections between here and there, a supplemental pattern bloodj social conflict that resists premature healing, even as all the attempts to end it must continue.

janet langlois bloody mary essay

Folklore and the Supernatural. A Nest of Vipers: University of Pennsylvania Press. Dialectics in the New Media.

Bloody Mary (urban legend)

Bloody Mary is an American version of such a game. D undesAlan,Bloody Mary in the Mirror: T uckerElizabeth blooody L angloisJanet L. Some include chanting a hundred times, chanting at midnight, spinning around, rubbing one’s eyes, running the water, or chanting her name thirteen times with a lit candle.

T uckerElizabeth,Campus Legends: It ultimately rested on the importance of extra-textual features in specific settings paroles. C arrollMichael P.