This suggests that one of the first things we need to do is to diagnose the political landscape and figure out what the relevant interests are, and what important political subdivisions characterize the organization. There is a second advantage. One of the best ways to stop something is to delay it, and a very successful way of delaying something is to call for further study or consideration. We are strong enough to do so, says Pfeffer. Once you have gained control of a unit, structural reorganizations can be employed to expand your unit’s sphere of influence, thereby enhancing power at the expense of competing units in the organization. Your email address will not be published. Deals are onetime, one-shot transactions, with no commitment on anyone’s part for the future.

To accomplish innovation and change in most of organizations requires more than the ability to solve technical or analytic problems it is that innovations almost invariably threatens the status quo, and consequently, innovation is an inherently political activity. Working to achieve centrality is particularly important for people or groups who would otherwise have little power. So we are to face reality. And so do decision-making, communications and reward systems. This means that women need to be even more conscious of the important of networks and proximity, and more willing to be proactive in overcoming the obstacles and disadvantages that confront them. Because decisions by themselves change nothing; and, at the time a decision is made, we cannot know its consequences; and if we spend more time living with our decisions than we do in making them, then it seems evident that the emphasis in much management training and practice has been misplaced. Using data selectively comes from simple self-interested behavior.

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Fourth, managing with power means understanding the strategies and tactics through which power is developed and used in organizations, including the importance of timing, the use of structure, the social psychology of commitment and other forms of interpersonal influence.

Because of the interconnected nature of reputation, performance, and position, it is jefrrey difficult to work yourself out of a hole. To manage with power by following the basic knowledge of this book we have to remember the points above and use them with common sense and most important human sense. This may not have been the first shot across the bow of the leadership industry, but it certainly was an important one that should have given such gurus and their minions pause to reflect, revise and reconsider.


10/9 – Jeffrey Pfeffer, Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time.

One way of ameliorating this problem is to reduce the incentives or reasons to engage in political activity. The best way to identify the meaningful political categories for a given issue is to choose categories that are:.

Resources can be almost anything that is perceived as valuable, from building contracts to press exposure to control over systems and analysis. It is necessary to recognize that importance has both a substantive and a symbolic component. The next 4 chapters he describes the best practices to consolidate power in an organization.

jeffrey pfeffers thesis

Once you have gained control of a unit, structural reorganizations can be employed to expand your unit’s sphere of influence, thereby enhancing power at the expense of competing units in the organization. The first part of the book explain the postulates that today most of organizations have, all related to politics in public and private sectors organizations some of the postulates that he describes are:. That is a very simplistic, obvious realism that a manager or an ambitious individual would know anyway, but it is nicely put on a paper.

jeffrey pfeffers thesis

Thus, it is not surprising that finance types, often unfamiliar with engineering or with manufacturing processes, rely on quantitative indicators of operations and forecasts of economic return, while engineers rely more on technical factors and on their sense of the product design or the design of the operating system.

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One is that life is a matter of individual effort and ability. There are numerous advantages to acting first. Third, managing with power means understanding that to get things done, you need power—more power than those whose opposition you must overcome—and thus it is imperative to understand where power comes from and how these sources of power can be developed.

Jeffrey Pfeffer is Thomas D.

Identifying the political categories is, in other words, a problem of clustering, in which the criterion is thrsis cluster people together to maximize their homogeneity in opinions and preferences that are relevant to the questions being studied. Such resolutions often fizzle before producing any results.


Social Proof and Informational Social Influence Thewis on the judgments of others to help us form our own opinions economizes on our cognitive work. Emotions are important techniques of interpersonal influence, there are two points to the argument that displayed this fact:.

PFEFFER J. “Managing with Power”

He admits that ethically it makes sense to improve the work environment for others. Because it is so important to control, and not merely to possess, resources in order to obtain power, there is often a great deal of hue and cry in organizations about the right to exercise discretion over resources. We were taught how to solve problems, and for each problem, that there is always a right answer, or at least one approach that is more correct than another.

Here is a very integral assertion:. This skill can, in part, be learned or acquired, and it is one of the attributes that helps distinguish comparatively effective from less effective members of organizations.

For instance, it may be efficient to reduce the variation of wages among organizational members; this will lessen influence attempts to affect career outcomes such as promotions and wages. The effects of such choices on communication centrality, and consequently, on power and influence need to be considered. Have some indicators of power and apply them to the identified units to assess their relative power ranking.

A review of Pfeffer’s book Leadership BS

A good strategy is to employ an outside expert, such as a consulting firm, to produce the answers you need. It means willing to do pfefers with that knowledge. Establishing the framework within which issues will be viewed and decided is often tantamount to determining the result.

jeffrey pfeffers thesis

Slack resources reduce interdependence, while scarcity increases it. The lack of ability to get things done, to have ideas and to implement them, is widespread in public and private sector organizations.