Photocopies were made of each article before scanning. The cost of digital imaging projects. Since this program used Imlib2 as well, an intermediate image file had to be used. Colorado Digitization Project, I learned about this from someone trying to use ssocr from that site and having problems, not from Matt. Some of them are: Although scanning is not much more difficult than photocopying, workers doing this type of work must be familiar with basic computer functions and must be careful and detail oriented.

As discussed above, an authorization must inform the research subject that the he or she has the right to revoke the authorization, and the Guidance makes no change to this requirement. Second, the older fonts and the poor condition of many of these articles complicated the OCR process. Although the quality of one article caused problems and had double the usual scanning time, all other articles were produced in close to one minute per page, for an average of A commonly used image file type for text pages is portable document format PDF , a proprietary file type owned by Adobe. These were easy, straightforward items to be scanned: Along with the archival TIFF copy, most digitization projects take the saved TIFF, convert it to some smaller image file, and then make the smaller file available. The second major version of ssocr integrated all functionality in one binary.

My more complex algorithm tries to solve the positioning orc in the segmentation step, which attempts to locate the individual seven segment displays. SheaKelsey U.

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A lot of guidance is there with regular new inputs. Cost estimates If libraries do not already have computers, scanners, and associated software, there will be additional start up costs in digitization projects for purchasing these necessary components.

The articles in this project were quite complex for two reasons. Covered Entities should conduct additional training of staff as to any newly developed or modified policies and procedures, as an instance of noncompliance with such policies and procedures could expose the covered entity to a complaint—either made to the covered entity or directly to OCR. Amazingly invaluable source, for both, Business Studies and Economics. Any foreground pixel in the upper third is counted as part of the top segment, those in the second third as part of the ocg and those in the last third as part of the bottom segment.


A commonly used image file type for text pages is portable document format PDFa proprietary file type owned by Adobe.

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Although costs were high, the selection of historically important articles maximized the benefit gained from the investment in digitization. TIFF has the advantages of being a nonproprietary file format and the highest quality image. Kathleen BauerM. The Cures Act requires such guidance to clarify: Received Jul; Accepted Nov. For small jobs, it will perhaps be more cost effective to send the work to companies that specialize in digitization. These were easy, straightforward items to be scanned: In producing PDF, time was recorded from the beginning of the scan of a photocopied article to the production of a complete PDF document.

If their projects involve articles in good condition, with easily recognizable fonts, or with few images, they may wish to adopt a lower per-item time estimate. Scanning technology is fairly straightforward, and standards have begun to emerge for library digitization [ 2 ].

To recognize a minus sign a method similar to recognizing the digit one is used. Easy navigation on the phone or tablet makes its wonderful resource to study on the go!

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The easiest and most time-efficient method discovered was to clean up the major problems in OmniPage, such as run-on sentences and merged columns; save it as a Word document; and then do the more detailed proofreading in Microsoft Word. Support Center Support Center. This estimate counts all pages and all images and then totals them to produce the number X. Articles ranged in size from a minimum of two pages to a maximum of thirty-five pages Some of this variability was due to differences in the fonts and poor condition of the older journals.


Most medical researchers are interested in the most current biomedical literature, but there are older classic articles of particular importance to medical historians and to some students, researchers, jkll clinicians.

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The Guidance supports existing practices for obtaining authorizations related to ongoing and future research, and this alone should provide some comfort to covered entities using and disclosing PHI for these purposes. The benefit of repeating this project in other libraries would be that with relatively small investment historically important articles would be made accessible to more medical historians and researchers.

The port has been created by Emanuel Haupt. If a digit is significantly smaller than that, it is assumed to be a decimal point. An Additional Example The Privacy Rule requires a meaningful expiration specification related to either the research subject or to the purpose for the use or disclosure of the PHI.

jkl case study ocr

On Ubuntu Disco Dingo Image created with ssocr -D. OCR attempted to answer some frequently encountered questions regarding these ongoing and future uses in the Guidance.

As noted above, while the entity obtaining the authorization must obtain a written revocation, nothing prevents covered entities from accepting an oral request from individuals to discontinue disclosing their PHI to third parties. The web jol contains some good reading besides library documentation as well.