Obviously he asked Tucker to check his proof; that could easily be confused with being sure that there is a mistake. I found a few more sources by googling: It wasn’t that the set was empty, it’s that with his assumptions the objects he was studying were quite trivial. The student did not finish but ended up going to wall street and doing well for himself. As a mathematician, what mathematicians inspire you the most? I have made available the Sample Final Exam and its solution. On a more mundane level, the same technique was used extensively in the classification of finite simple groups, where the possibility of simple groups of certain orders had to be painstakingly ruled out.

I noticed quite a few small factual errors in the book, some easily checked: Restricted to Graduate Students; Undergraduate students may register with approval. Com comprises of a vastly superior knowledge as part of the semester. Fox told him to write up the result for publication; the final result was generalized considerably over the original version. Was Panini a mathematician? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All posts and comments should be directly related to mathematics. After I read the original hardcover book I did write her an email pointing out a bunch of small errors; she replied by email in Maybut I think by then the paperback reprint was already in process.


I met both the student and advisor so this is not second hand. Distributions and Frobenius’ Theorem. Huffman worked on the problem for months, developing a number of approaches, but none that he could prove to be the most efficient.

What’s a math trick that is not very well-known?

Math 518 – Differentiable Manifolds I – Fall 2013

Vector fields and flows. The problem had been posed by Borsuk in This is probably the best one: Simple Questions – Posted Fridays. The results in the book were later used to show that the objects described did not, in fact, exist. Everything about X – every Wednesday.

John W. Milnor

Student mistook examples of unsolved math problems for homework, solves them snopes. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Anecdotes about mathematicians are fun but often impossible to check decades later, unlike proofs. I am not so interested in answers with “names withheld to spare embarrassment”, nor otherwise in digressions or mischievous answers.

TeX all the things Chrome extension configure inline homeworl to use [ ; ; ] delimiters. Can you link to some criticisms or refutations of Snopes’ content?

john milnor homework

How does their impartiality impact this particular story and the thousands of other stories involving spiders bursting out of nests in peoples hair. Want to add to the discussion? The answer by “none” is very good and at first I accepted it. Who’s the most well known Mathematician at Stony Brook University?


I found a homewkrk more sources by googling: Seriously leftist plot to solve unsolved statistical problem?

Student mistook examples of unsolved math problems for homework, solves them | Hacker News

Hint for problem 3 c typo corrected. Shannon, the creator of information theory, had struggled with it.

john milnor homework

The “came to class late and thought it was a homework problem” story is about George Dantzig and is easy to find on the internet e. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. On the other hand, the global analysis of smooth manifolds requires new techniques and even the most elementary questions quickly lead kohn open questions.

Sylvia Nasar did her best with the material, but approached the mathematics as an economics journalist and also tended to accept too readily some of milnof she was told especially by Nash’s wife.

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john milnor homework

It would then be easy to fill in the name of some other mathematician.