Al-Otaibi, Saud Sultan Factors affecting pseudo relative permeability curves. Library patrons can access more than 40, e-books through these databases. Abdul Moied, Mohammed Assessment of automating facilities management current practices: Kandlawala, Muhammad Fareed Investigation of dynamic behavior of power system installed with statcom. Saad Bin Mansoor, Laser evaporative heating in relation to machining.

Abu Olba, Maen Abdellatif Evaluating adequacy of traffic optimization models under local traffic conditions. Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Ali Evaluation of the construction equipment replacement policies of construction contractors in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Al-Ahmadi, Hasan Evaluating policy changes using a network simulation model. Qayyum, Tanvir Iqbal Validity and use of traffic conflict technique: Ali, Mohammed Rizwan Analysis of static and dynamic characteristics of twin-cell steel box girders. Al-Betar, Abdul-Rahman Faisal Photophysical behavior of 1,8-diaminonaphthalene in acidic aqueous solutions and in zeolite sieves.

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Al-Amer, Samir Hasan Design and simulation of digital controllers using pipelined architecture. Shareef, Librxry Mujtaba Multiobjective water resources planning under demand, supply and quality uncertainties.

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A Design and Performance Study. Rayhan, Abdallah Mousa Rezq A grafting approach to neural network construction. Ahmed, Syed Younus Liquid desiccant and its application for pipeline drying. Mousa, Wail Abdul-Hakim Entropy-constrained reflected residual vector quantization with application to image coding.


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Ahmed, Abdul Rahim Nasir Integrated production, quality and maintenance models for multistage production-inventory systems. Al-Qatari, Saeed Abdulwahid Automated billing system for public utilities. Abdul Hameed, Laser induced photocatalytic conversion of methane into methanol.

Ahmed, Adeeb Performance of biofilters under non-isothermal conditions. Shaibu, Abdul-Baasit Parameter estimation using median ranked set sampling. Asif, Mohammed Assessment, prediction and enhancement of the reliability of extrusion dies.

Al-Mustafa, Riyadh Ahmed Biparabolic isoparametric shell element: Al-Nassar, Yaagoub Nassar Effect of speed control humps on vehicle dynamics. Tnesis, Shaikh Faisal Improved rate-compatible low-density parity-check codes with applications to wireless channels.

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Moied, Khurram Locating optimum water quality monitoring stations in water distribution networks, using genetic algorithm. Librarry, Husain Jubran Concrete mix design for hot weather. Al-Aama, Muhammad Subhi Abdulhadi Effect of dissolved oxygen on the adsorptive capacity of a granular activated charcoal for phenol and O-Cresol.

Farooqui, Mohammed Sajeed Combined electrooxidation and electrocoagulation processes for the treatment of municipal wastewater.

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Misbhauddin, Mohammed Characterization and treatment of a petrochemical wastewater for reuse. Ismail, Taisir Hasan Null steering in phased and adaptive arrays by controlling the element positions.

Al-Bedoor, Bassem Odeh Dynamic modeling and analysis of axially moving beam with prismatic and revolute joints. A Specification Language for Computable Contracts. Abdur Razzak, Shaikh Numerical tjesis of flow in a partially packed vessel. Samiuddin, Mohammed Communication over fading channels with frequency offsets.


Al-Abdul-Hadi, Salman Saleh Electrical resistivity of concrete in relation to corrosion of reinforcement. Al-Ruwaihi, Khalid Mohammad Realization of a transceiver circuit based on a newly developed coding scheme. Al-Hashim, Amin Ghalib S. Dehwah, Hamoud Ahmad Farhan Durability of reinforced concrete beams repaired with various repair materials.

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Tahir, Muhammad Atif QoS-driven multicast routing algorithms. Khan, Mohammad Shebder Boundary element analysis of nonprismatic beams and plates. Asi, Ibrahim Muhammad Axle loads and pavement performance indicators for typical highways in Eastern Province. Abdul-Muhsen, Al-ithan thamer Thexis dependent effects on nuclear forces.

Iman, Muhammad Zaki Internally hydrogen-bonded chiral methylenenitrones in cycloaddition reactions.

Moizuddin, Mohammed Solution of the resource-constrained activity networks.