This semantic analysis, conducted over a relatively long period of time, should result in an insight in the liberal vocabulary on education and its meaning. It does not hold any claims to build on the well-developed semantic approaches in other academic disciplines as linguistics, and is merely inspired by the emerging developments in Digital Humanities and its focus on content and context. They wished for an educational institution that taught out of Catholic, Protestant or Reformed principles. In , one of the most pressing issues in parliament was the discussion of a further extension of male suffrage. Their unwillingness to support special education was not entirely based on an aversion of education founded on Christian values, but rested on the liberal conception of education too. In , Ketelaar said:

It would last until before both special and public primary schools were made equal in another constitutional reform. Academics have written about the decades during which the School Debate climaxed, about liberal ideologies 75 Handelingen der Staten Generaal II, Encyclopaedia of Cubature Formulas These pages are continuously under construction! Het Nederlandse onderwijs, Amsterdam, Secondly, the Handelingen can also be valued by a historian of speech or rhetoric because of their meticulous reproductions of parliamentary debates. Heeft iemand iets gezien of deze schijf per ongeluk meegenomen? The honourable deputy from Goes and his supporters think that confessional education is essential in the upbringing, and every child needs an upbringing.

Over nationalisme en patriottisme Amsterdam, Sas, van, N. Did these meanings change in a relatively short time, or would they stay the same and form their own epochs? This even seemed to be a necessity. On the one hand, it aims to give an anthology of the possibilities of such a semantic approach to the Handelingen by appointing relevant contexts and showing the meaning of a vocabulary in different contexts in the past.


If the upbringing of the part of the population fails, they might cost a lot in the nearby tyesis, and these costs will be kulueven the state to yield. The choice for this one specific concept comes forth out of the need to fill in a hiatus in the secondary scholarly literature on the liberal political movement see below. The digital preservation of archives, as is done in the case of the Handelingen, is not only convenient but also a necessity for the future of the academic field of parliamentary history.

Een politieke geschiedenis van Nederland Amsterdam, Aerts, Remieg, Het aanzien van de politiek. A Case Study of the Netherlands. Skip to main content.

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Het departement Computerwetenschappen heeft een ronduit The thesis studied the security of session management in nowadays web applications. International Journal of the History of Education, Vol.

The first issue concerned the educational character of schools. Secondly, the Handelingen can also be valued by a historian of speech or rhetoric because of their meticulous reproductions of parliamentary debates. This online archive nowadays contains all the minutes of plenary meetings in the Dutch Parliament that consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives and official documents published by all governments after Potential future research, in addition to this limited thesis, perhaps even lies more in this field than in the field of parliamentary history.

In the eyes of the Dutch liberals, not only the voting ballot was a form of education; so was military training, and it was highly suitable for morally disciplining the masses. As even until the second half of the nineteenth century, the Netherlands had been divided as a country, national feelings were practically non-existent.

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The convertibility however only worked one way, thereby preventing the two words to become synonyms.

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Talsma, De verzuiling voorbij. Although the roots of the School Debate go well back into the s, the School Act of often is seen as the trigger to an upheaval of the debate.

kuleuven thesis bibliotheek

Help Center Find new research papers in: The liberal movement could not stay behind. Wij hopen dat iedereen respect heeft en blijft hebben voor elkaar en het personeel en de poetsploeg, dan kunnen we de blokperiode voor iedereen zo aangenaam mogelijk maken.

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Both historians and their methodologies in this peculiar case would profit from the digitalisation of the Handelingen, since they both could use the muleuven engine on the website that gives them easy access to the content of the archive. Godsdienst,stand en natie in de lange negentiende eeuw Amsterdam, Studeren in het buitenland. Katechetika vzw Community Service. To what do you need to pay attention when writing biblkotheek paper? The first place where one should start is of course the public school.

thesis kuleuven computerwetenschappen

Recent Post by Page. The process of teaching could occur outside the environment of primary schools.

Eerke Smidt for example mentioned the responsibility of parents for the upbringing of their children, but almost automatically continued to note that this responsibility results in payment of school fees — not in taking up the upbringing themselves.