This was the only part of society in which he was interested as an audience. All the other characters have lost this romantic view on marriage. But instead of defending himself he begins to defend the woman and she only receives threadbare explanations as an answer for it.. Especially for a neoteric artist like Wilde it was very difficult to live in such a restraining age. As a mother she fails just as her own mother failed. Lady Winderemere will never get to know the truth about her mother. So Mrs Erlynne managed it yet another time to regain her place in society.

Analysis of how Lady Windermere fails to meet her own moral standards- or does she? For him nothing is sacred. I thought this necessary to enable the reader to get a conception of the setting in which the play takes place. The ideal Victorian woman! His evaluation of his wife is very narrowed.

Lady Windermere makes a bogeyman out of Mrs Erlynne from the first time on she hears something about her. The plays can be understood as satires on the morals of Victorian society in which he lived.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

At the beginning a concise compendium on the Victiorian society in which Wilde lived is given. You sully the innocence that is in her.

Walkley wrote in a critic about fna play: She feels guilty and deeply regrets her action. She estimates everything by her own moral standards without accepting deviations.

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Quuestions is a cynic through and through. Oscar Wilde was born in The way she talks, the way she actsthe way she looks. Can she be an exception of her own rules without breaking them?


He always struggled with the contemporary value system – the superficiality and hypocrisy of which he clearly understood and criticized and still could not turn his back to. Is this what a good woman would do to her child?

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He wants to save his wife from the truth about her parentage because it would devestate her in his opinion. Puritans believed in self-determination, that each has the ability to do good. He fancies her incapable of any wrong and it seems as if he needs this picture to love her.

It is a sacrament. So her reaction is highly opportunistic and imprudently. Her unworldly innocence makes her think that quwstions lives a blameless life.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

Her decision to go to him is nothing but a compromise and this again is a massive violation of her quesyions principles. Therefore she always acts in the conviction to be right.

The relationship of the two women is very peculiar. Lady Windermere might have a very simple concept of good and bad.

Windremeres gets her eyes opened to a side of life that she did not know of before. This is an important difference between the two woman. Anglistik – Literatur Women in the Victorian Era. He is the embodiment of a Dandy: Child, you and she belong to different worlds.

lady windermeres fan essay questions

She is a realist and does not regret her bad actions because of a guilty conscience but the as disadvantages and trials she had to go through afterwards. It seems to be the first time in her life that she really feels guilty about something and realizes that she herself has commited a sin. She has never been encouraged to have a mind of her own and to be a strong, independent individual.


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To give her an opportunity to escape she knowingly commits her own character assassination by stepping out from behind the curtain where she and Lady Winderemere hided.

She shares Puritan values and is a young, beautiful lady who lives her life as a strict upholder of moral standards. laxy

Lady Windermere will never get to know the truth about her mother and her mother succeeds in her plan to reenter society. But then in the progression of the play she is being tested on her goodness.

In her conversation with Lord Darlington in Act One she presents herself as a faithful wife who for example does not even want her admirer to windermerew her compliments.