Sie spiegeln nicht die Meinung der Redaktion wider. Political activity of a government is able to affect foreign relations of the country and the condition of its internal environment. News Academic work submitted by German minister of defense under scrutiny An online forum has questioned the authenticity of Ursula von der Leyen’s academic dissertation. The “barcode” representation for the manual VroniPlag Wiki documentation for the case looks quite like a bit like a patchwork quilt. Da wird sich aber eine Riesterrente freuen, wenn diese Rente einen Teil Grundsicherung verhindert.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg with U. His jewels are shown, to scale, including the Koh-i-Noor top centre. In it was ranked 7th globally by the Times Higher Education under 50 rankings and it is often referred to as small Harvard by the German media. The rest of the Impressum is in German to comply with German publication regulations. One of these dissertations, the one submitted by the German public servant, is a page dissertation that is now documented as case on the VroniPlag Wiki site. Guttenberg’s doctoral dissertation, ” Verfassung und Verfassungsvertrag ” “Constitution and Constitutional Treaty” , had been the basis of his Doctorate from the University of Bayreuth. You might think that such a responsible affair must be entrusted to professional people who know their job, and you would be right.

I use Firefox and can copy the text. Battle of Gaugamela, engraving, first half of 18th century.

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The Battle of Gaugamela. Political activity of a government is able to affect foreign relations of the country and the condition of its internal environment.

In an intensive public discussion started by Spiegel arose about plagiarism in the thesis, but the university decided after an investigation not to rescind the doctorate. The number of students was 6, in the Summer Semester of Most of the plagiarism allegations made by VroniPlag led to investigations by the responsible universities, and some have resulted in the revocation of the degree.


One of the cases published in FebruaryPakincludes not only text from five Wikipedia articles, but preserves the links from the articles as underlines in the text. The Chancellor believes him.

I wrote this piece of work myself and I stand by it, but I also stand by the rubbish I wrote”. There are currently cases documented on the site, 75 alone in medicine and dental medicine. Secretary of Defense Robert M. They were dissertationn by a Wikia wiki, whenever a search query is issued with mini in front, the results page looked in the wiki for a mini article with a name that matched the search query. Towards the end of the thesis there is a list of abbreviations and one of figures and tables that are vrroniplag in between pages of content.

lammert dissertation vroniplag

Wikia Search followed other experiments by Wikia into search engine technology, the roll-out version of the search interface was widely criticized by reviewers in mainstream media. The only data collection still done for this site is what Google does, as set forth in their privacy policy. The bar code uses five different colors: Before publication, the office of academic integrity at the university in question is formally notified, as any revocation of title must be done by the university.

The so-called “popular press” has been having a field day, as Sophie Koch is a popular and well-known TV personality with her own show on a German commercial television channel giving advice to single mothers and teenagers.

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The only data collection still done for this site is what Google does, as set forth in their privacy policy. Within the first week of the release, the site had 2. Opposite side, showing facets and peak of the “Mountain of Light”. All discovery and documentation is done manually with the help of small software tools for various tasks, and all documentation is vronip,ag by a second researcher.


lammert dissertation vroniplag

The community was established in Januarythe full Dissernet site, dissernet. I did not appoint him as an academic assistant or doctor. Approximately 1, doctorates are completed every year, with more than one third of the students coming from abroad.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Von der Leyen agitated but cooperative The online platform accused the year-old minister of defense for having featured plagiarized material in at least 27 out of 62 pages in total – roughly 43 percent of her entire academic dissertation.

Ist es Neid oder was treibt solche Menschen an? She runs a German-language ” Portal Plagiat” that regularly tests plagiarism detection software.

The examinations and publications of Dissernet are in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation. The cover of the thesis presented by Claude Bernard to obtain his Doctorate of Medicine Guttenbergs Politikkarriere “im Prinzip vorbei ” ” in German. A few notes on current and past VroniPlag Wiki cases: After this the Reichstag met diswertation rarely, usually at the Krolloper following the Reichstag fire starting in to unanimously rubber-stamp the decisions of the government and it last convened on 26 April