Guttenberg studied law at the University of Bayreuth , [20] where he passed the first legal state examination in By August , Wikia Search held a 0. One author has died, and thus that investigation was discontinued. What we can determine is that the system is failing to detect and sanction plagiarism at all levels. The analytical work and disclosures of Dissernet equally cover various categories of Russian citizens, the Dissernet members act on a voluntary basis, on their own initiative and without any outside pressure.

It was decided to ban private air traffic over Central Berlin, together with the Bundesrat, the Bundestag is the legislative branch of the German political system. Subscribe To Posts Atom. The only data collection still done for this site is what Google does, as set forth in their privacy policy. From to , after the birth of twins, she was a housewife in Stanford, Ursula von der Leyen joined the CDU in , and became active in politics in , entering local politics in in the area of Hanover. The rest of the Impressum is in German to comply with German publication regulations.

Guttenberg bestreitet Plagiatsvorwurf” in German. In addition, the university employs 1, research assistants, with an additional at the clinic, the University of Cologne maintains twenty official partnerships with universities from ten countries. If you read German, the blog Erbloggtes has an amusing account.

German politicians with questionable degrees

vronniplag The more scientifically grounded and elaborate the dissertation and research, the more academics tend to enjoy prestige in academic circles. Jimmy Donal “Jimbo” Wales is an American Internet entrepreneur, best known as the co-founder of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia and the for-profit web hosting company Wikia.


This massif is bounded on the north and southwest by tributaries of the Bheri River and on the southeast by the Myagdi Khola.

The University of Cologne is a university in Cologne, Germany. VroniPlag was the first crowd sourcing phenomenon of its kind in Germany that has been referred to as an authoritative source in all major media channels in Germany. Guttenberg verzichtet dauerhaft auf Doktortitel” in German. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Zedler-Preis The cover of the thesis presented by Claude Bernard to obtain his Doctorate of Medicine A few notes on current and past VroniPlag Wiki cases: Posted by Vronipllag Weber-Wulff at I did not appoint him as an academic assistant or doctor.

The language of instruction is usually German, while a number of graduate degrees are offered in English. Thanks to jurabilis for permission to use! So who is Sophie Koch? Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg with U. If that is the case, the university can indeed withdraw the doctorate after the second examination. Alles andere ist feige, heuchlerisch und Sensationshascherei. He suggested this new approach could account for five percent of the search market, were really trying to build a movement to make search free and open and transparent, Penchina said.

Scene of Socrates saving Alcibiades. A grab from the “About” page of Uncyclopedia highlighting its comical nature and satirical approach to Wikipedia with a link to this page. Due to the influence of Marsilius, the university initially taught the nominalism or via moderna, the transition from scholastic to humanistic culture was effected by the chancellor and bishop Johann von Dalberg in the late 15th century.

lammert dissertation vroniplag

Guttenberg with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Ihr Kommentar wurde abgeschickt. I wrote this piece of work myself and I stand by it, but I also stand by the rubbish I wrote”. As a consequence of this, on 11 May she resigned as chairperson of the FDP in the European Parliament and as vice-president of the European Parliament.


lammert dissertation vroniplag

There are currently cases documented on the site, 75 alone in medicine and dental medicine. The Reichstag building was occasionally used as a venue for sittings of the Bundestag and its committees and the Bundesversammlung.

The district attorney’s office in Hof, Bavariaannounced it would wait on the results of the Bayreuth University’s examination of Guttenberg’s thesis [47] and confirmed that two criminal complaints had been filed against Guttenberg, one regarding possible copyright violations and another on a possible false statutory declaration.

The Chancellor believes him.

Guttenberg plagiarism scandal – Wikipedia

From to he served as deputy to the Bavarian secretary of the state and then, in the position of State Minister, from to he served as State Minister of the Interior. On November 24, Axel Freimuth was elected as the Rector of the University and his four-year term began on April 1, Top links How to vronipoag plagiarism VroniPlag Wiki.

lammert dissertation vroniplag

Often extra coursework would be required, or even a Diplom or Master’s at a university had to be completed before beginning work on a doctorate. Demonstration on 17 April against the planned mandatory blockage of child pornography.