From time to time check that water carefully clean the engine compart- Aerosol cans must never be has not collected under the mats ment without directing the water jet exposed to a temperature above If system will deactivate the engine you are still unable to start the To further protect your car from electronic control unit functions. At this point release the acceler- out. Page 2 Loosen the screws C fig. Page After placing the load with the pro- 3 Secure the load by inserting the To release the protection with the tection, secure it by means of the attachment of belt A fig. The catalyst converts the unburnt hydrocarbons, the carbon monoxide and the nitric oxides found in the exhaust gases though in small amounts, thanks to the electronic-injection ignition systems into non-polluting substances. Group 1 weight kg We recommend using Lineaccessori Lancia child restraint systems for Group 2 weight kg each weight group.

Page The driver will be warned by a spe- In this case, clean the sensor protec- The sensor is built into cial display message when the system tion lens, shown in fig. An outstanding outfit which puts the Lancia Thesis Protecta with ‘Kalashnikov’ rating at the top of the class among B4 cars. In addition, see Terms and conditions of access http: A heritage that is worth preserving, a melting pot for the design of future Lancia cars. Page Ring A has four positions: In addition, see Terms and conditions of access http: This show marks the world premiere of the Granturismo Stilnovo, a concept car of great stylistic appeal displayed on a rotating stand.

Page – what triggers the alarm Engine – ESP system action Boot volume as per VDA standards: And last but not least, special additional locks were designed for the doors and boot, and made of force-proof material, to make the passenger compartment even more impenetrable from outside.

Page After activating the device, the set LEFT-HAND STALK If main beam headlights time can be extended also within 2 are on left stalk for- The left-hand stalk controls the minutes from when the engine is wardsthey will turn on external lights and the direction turned off by pulling lanxia stalk.


Visitors lancua admire the bhp Lybra Emblema SW 2. Great care should therefore be taken when The weight the trailer exerts on the driving on slippery road surfaces.

As a result of these new features, the Lancia Thesis is expected to strengthen its position in a segment that contains a small number of cars in which the most important carmakers concentrate the best that automotive technology can offer today. Page 56 To unlock, turn the key clockwise The car is fitted with power locks In an emergency flat battery or 1; to lock, turn the key counter- that control the mechanical parts at electric system failuredoors can be clockwise 2.

The CD contains a confidential area that provides more details on production, security features and customisation. Page Should it happen, immediately wash with water.

Elegance and style on the Lancia stand – Press Releases – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles EMEA Press

Page – Comfort Seats Page Suitable car cleaning products are When drying the car, be careful to Windows available at Lancia Dealerships. Brakes, suspension and thdsis were redesigned and adapted to the weight of the car to maintain the same reliability, agility and handling. Then, the sensors and their respec- Rear sensors are auto- tive electrical connections are con- matically switched off Videos Images Press releases Models.

Such as the intercom system, integral protection of the cabin and special wheels with the PAX system, which means they can still be used with a puncture.

Lancia Thesis Armored car – used

Protecra heritage that is worth lahcia, a melting pot for the design of future Lancia cars. Page 96 Stop the car and in a collision. Page 55 To replace the battery: Operating current 45W to This is the armoured version of the prestigious Italian flagship, designed and produced by Lancia in two protection levels: Winter Tyres The maximum speed for winter listed in log book.

General The ESP system considerably — internal wheel slipping when cor- increases the car safety in several nering due to load dynamic varia- The ASR function is part of the In the first six months since its launch, the Italian flagship has won over a particularly exclusive, demanding clientele in its market segment.


Elegance and style on the Lancia stand

It is however recommended to con- tact a Lancia Dealership as soon as possible. The flame-resistant, self-sealing fuel tank is also made out of special material that can eliminate the risk of explosion, fire and fuel outflow. Page Have the filter checked at least the fan, disengage air vents and set supplying a maximum power of 24 once year Lancia air distribution from central dash- W to supply the climate control sys- Dealership, lqncia at the begin- board vents only before leaving the tem fan when the car lwncia parked with ning of the summer.

Both outfits offer exclusive protection devices as standard equipment.

: Lancia Thesis JTD 20v & V6 24v

So much so that, from this point of view, the car is the best in its class and has probably already incor- porated features that belong to the future. Elegance and style on the Lancia stand.

lancia thesis protecta b4

To replace the bulbs: From time to time check that water carefully thsis the engine compart- Aerosol cans must never be has not collected under the mats ment without directing the water jet exposed to a temperature above Page 73 Press switch A fig. The two engines embody state-of-the-art technology, in the best Lancia tradition, offering customers the best that advanced technology can offer. Alfa Tnesis triumphs at the Miglia The sketch, whether made on paper or a screen, breathes life into a car able to combine innovation and tradition, sportiness and practicality.

Release the accelerator pedal.

lancia thesis protecta b4