In any case, my point about the launch cars was more about highlighting management more than engineering incompetence — it is literally impossible to imagine Piech allowing something like this to occur. However, the demeanour of the car is more about comfort and refinement. Most factory pix set them right back to give attractive spacious front cabin look! Independent multilink suspension, coil springs with telescopic Skyhook adaptive damping, torsion bar. They’re even better when the stress is lateral; considering the pillowy straight-line character, cornering roll is amazingly well-controlled [5]. Not so much has been written about the Thesis so I decided to see for myself what the car was really like and to find out why only 16, were sold during a seven year production run.

Apropros of nothing, I was recently in Belgrade and Lybras especially SWs seem to be popular amongst the taxi brigade there. The whole form is plump and carries telling details of bi-xenon headlights and multi-LED blades of tail-lamp – a comfortably fed and well-jewelled car like the folk who’ll drive it [5] “. The Lancia Thesis Type is an executive car produced by Italian automaker Lancia between and In many ways I think FCA suffers from Roveritis, which is to say that, while they have people in their ranks who are individually talented and work hard, management is fundamentally an inept cancer that continually enables a deep-seated culture of close-enough-is-good-enough. The car is equipped with beige leather interior and electrically adjustable rear seats. The aftermarket wheels were horrible but the ride was still good. The Delta, in fact, is a good case in point.

As a long-term fan of Lancia some of my first toy cars were Stratos and lovely safari-type Fulviaand other quirky and unusual cars, I was rather surprised to get a chance to use a Thesis 2.


I drive on cruise control most of the time. And they are handled well. It is retro but the styling was not reserved. My feeling is that Lancia should have made a smaller, C-D class car like the and matched its driving character. Whilst the chassis and power train of the Thesis were quite conventional, Lancia was in some sense leading the way by encrusting the mechanicals with a dizzying superabundance of extra equipment, digital trinkets and electric novelties, more than one could list fully in the space allowed.

This is a tight ship [5]. Current models Ypsilon III. When the door clunked home it felt as if each element of the closure was machined to a fine tolerance.

2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

I enjoyed your review. This might seem like a small thing. The suspension design was a mix of the ordinary and the clever.

Piggy in the middle From the side, however, the Thesis is a car of three parts, its distinctive nose and tail sandwiching one of the dullest centre sections of any executive car on the road. Discussing the interior, Horrell went on to say: But those beguiling tail-lights and that classy Italian cabin make this a saloon that I have a mild yearning for – especially as they’re so rare. Rather surprisingly, there is an analogue gauge to display fuel consumption, scaled from 6 litres per km to 20 litres per kilometres.

What a lovely car.

The mysterious Lancia Thesis | Autocar

Thdsis whole form is plump and carries telling details of bi-xenon headlights and multi-LED blades of tail-lamp – a comfortably fed and well-jewelled car like the folk who’ll drive it [5] “. If you stamp on the accelerator pedal, the vehicle takes a tiny pause and then leaps forward. The llancia is impressively smooth without being floaty.

Given that the Thesis was intended more for comfort than handling the selected arrangement is, objectively, a rational one. Each of the finely trimmed doors has an ashtray of pretty respectable size and the door cards are unusually handsome, made of precisely the same high quality materials as those at the front.


Thesis was replaced starting from by a new flagship sedan, based on the next-generation Chryslerre-branded in continental Europe as the Lancia Thema [1] [9]. Putting it very bluntly, the Thesis is singularly unobtrusive, resembling nothing so much as a really talented butler.

lancia thesis testberichte

The production car premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March and its interior was displayed for first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And rear screen sunblinds but you have to fiddle them up manually.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Naturally, the boot lid is power operated, requiring merely nudge of a button to open and a slight push to close.

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Otherwise a pretty decent car. You are one of a constant stream of daily visitors to this page so share your views with your testberivhte Lancia enthusiasts. A 2 litre soft turbo, a 2. It would have been more affordable and a novelty in a less status-conscious sector.

lancia thesis testberichte

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I did km during that month, mostly on highway and I must admit my impressions are somewhat mixed. And I have memory heated seats, and a C-post reading light and fag lighter terminal accessible for rear passengers.