Accessed 22 May And its attention to the psychology of the man, to the whole personality and life of its subject, is commendable. One of his biographers says: Even early in the war, and especially after the fall of France, Underhill was changing his mind. But this outcome was not certain. Reading MacLennan and Mulgan.

Indeed, the meanings of liberalism shifted over the course of the 20th century to the point where he found himself in the middle of the political spectrum and no longer far to the left. He corrects the misconception that public intellectuals have all but disappeared. Given the importance of rivers and water to Canadian identity, it is no surprise that the St. The nation he imagined, and in imagining helped to create, came to be imagined differently by many others. This, of course, might be true. He was drafting political strategy for the prime minister and even advising King on whether he should stay in power or concede government to Arthur Meighen.

laurentian thesis donald creighton

He also shows how Skelton seemed incapable of understanding that many of those with whom he disagreed were also Canadian nationalists, simply of a different stripe. This site uses cookies.

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In this seminal study — reprinted in as The Empire of the St. Lawrence basin was shaped by culture, identity, region, and environment. As the Cold War grew hotter afterhistorian Harold Innisa major influence on Creighton, grew increasingly hostile to the United States.

Journal of Historical Creughton.


Laurentian Thesis as Environmental History: Donald Creighton and the Seaway

In The Canadian Encyclopedia. Article published February 07, ; last modified November 16, In reading a recent Underhill piece, Garson found himself agreeing with much of the content and he challenged Underhill: Article published January 15, ; last modified March 04, Macdonald entitled the Young Politician and the Old Chieftain.

In contrast to such unflattering interpretations, Creighton portrayed Macdonald as a broad-minded nation builder who was indispensable to the realization of Confederation, the crafting of the National Policy, and the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

This is the work of a senior scholar who knows what he is doing, and knows his subject. One of his biographers says: InCreighton was made a Companion of the Order of Canada.

Lawrence runs like an obsession through the whole of Canadian history … The river was not only a great actuality; it was the central truth of a religion.

laurentian thesis donald creighton

When he died early inCanada had thrown aside the notion of a limited commitment to war. Some of this has to do with politics, and some with intellectual thought.

Laurentian Thesis

Certainly, during the crisis, Skelton was not just playing a role as a civil lahrentian. Please click the following link to download and install: Simon Fraser UniversityHello there, My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at uralpravo. We read of how we should never romanticize pioneer life. On a personal level, Creighton seems not to have been a very easy man with whom to get along.


Lawrence through his prudent, pragmatic leadership.

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Lawrence Seaway Border Flows: Dewar ends his volume by making an important point. It does not matter if you are on the Christian Right, whether you are an Indigenous activist, or whether you simply have a specific taste in lakrentian or music — so many people now speak of themselves as an embattled minority speaking truth to the mainstream. To focus on shared values and what we creighotn have in common — now that truly would be an outside view in the 21st-century academy.

The hydroelectric development of the St. Lawrence River holds an iconic place in the Canadian national imaginary.

laurentian thesis donald creighton

Email required Address never made public. A Life in History Toronto: MORTON warned of the potential for cultural and regional exploitation inherent in the expansion of central Canadian commerce and institutions, nevertheless accepting as historical fact, here and in The Kingdom of Canadathe development made possible by the Laurentian waterway.

It made him feel more Canadian, and also more secular. Creightkn eruptions of rage led his publisher John Gray layrentian call him “the terrible-tempered Mr. Cancel reply Enter your comment here