During the weekend we also carried out a study at Minehead to analyse the coastal management. Due to the geology at Porlock bay the resistant rock, red marl, is eroded quicker than the non resistant rock which is quartzite. At the southern-most edge of the Holderness Coast material is then deposited forming Spurn Point, a coastal spit. As pebbles travel from west to east attrition is occurring at all times which means the pebbles bang together and become smaller. The Beginning of Marketing. View the coasts menu.

Another way to make my investigation more accurate i could have taken measurements from more than just two points at Porlock bay. The shortest person had to point the clinometere at the tallest person in the group and point it where ever it read 0 on the clinometere. During the weekend we also carried out a study at Minehead to analyse the coastal management. Somerset is a rural county in the UK. This is so the teachers would have easy access without wasting any time.

Minehead has more people employed, as tourism is its main source of income.

Longshore Drift – A Level Geography

Long shore drift is the transportation of material along a beach. Hydraulic action also breaks off angular rocks of the cliff which is gathered on to the beach. The backwash then brings the material back down.

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For example if the clinometere read 0 degrees on the tallest persons forehead, that must be noted and pointed at the persons forehead for every facet which was measured. As the result waves break on to the beach obliquely at an angle of around 45 degrees. Tourism is very important in the county of Somerset. This is due to attrition breaking fragments of the pebble to small ones whilst long shore drift transports the pebbles from Gore point to Hurlstone.


Our study is on coastal processes and management at Porlock Bay. You can see that both Hurlstone and Gore Point both have sssay first highest facet.

longshore drift essay

I could have improved my investigation into longshofe processes at Porlock bay by using more precise measuring equipment.

The soft rock easily erodes where as the hard rock is much harder to erode so it stays there and the rock then is called a headland. The material was eroded from Gore Point and deposited at Hurlstone.

We recorded all the measurements down.

The population of porlock bay is 10 and is 4. We measured the pebbles using systematic sampling. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Essays Plag Checker Hire Writer.

Is porlock bay affected by longshore drift?

The pebbles are distributed evenly at Gore Point due to abrasion breaking up bigger rocks to form drit ones. This concludes that the facet sizes are bigger at Hurlstone Point due to long shore drift which will build up the facet with the material transported.

The size of the beach will be bigger at Rrift point compared to Gore point due to longshore drift — As the material will all deposit in Hurlstone, the size of the beach will be bigger. Swash carries the material up the beach at an angle.

longshore drift essay

We picked up a random pebble at every one metre. The force of the water continues hitting the new cave and the gap widens. The Beginning of Marketing. I predicted that the pebble size at Hurlstone point will be smaller than at Gore point. Our research had to include coastal processes and coastal management at Porlock Bay. Every time a wave breaks the material is shifted up the beach in the direction of the prevailing wind.


An image illustrating longshore drift.

What has been the dominant direction of longshore drift in the past along Deal beach?

When the waves move lonvshore, pressure is released causing the water to expand. Below is a list:. Bays and headlands are formed after coastal erosion and they are situated along the coast where there is both hard and soft rock.

Abrasion is when the pebbles collide with the cliff as the waves break, resulting in angular fragments of the pebble being eroded making them rounder and smoother. Landforms of edsay Find out about erosional landforms. This is due to attrition breaking of parts of pebbles to make it rounder, smoother and smaller at Hurlstone while long shore drift transports the pebbles. The prevailing wind causes the waves to break the beach esasy an angle. Longshore drift is a process responsible for moving significant amounts of sediment along the coast.