This decision gives the two officers major culpability for the outcome. The AFP and PNP should jointly review related provisions of their respective written manuals and protocols to synchronize, reconcile and institutionalize inter-operability not only between these two agencies but also with other relevant government agencies. But getting to first base is not an achievement when you need a home run. Why do you need to find culprits? So it is the case elsewhere, where there is no peculiarly strong journalistic tradition couched within firm and defined history, where government support akin to the set-up the BBC enjoys is at best sputtering, where the profit motive must reign supreme or else. This is done with the same moral certitude that terrorists argue religion and history to advance their political aims.

However, these devices fell short of what were needed to relay real-time information and coordination of activities to and from the chain of command. Not the MILF leadership. Not so much the death of 44 SAF troopers but more because of the strategic mistake he made by approving the action. Ilang sundalong Filipino ang namatay laban sa mga hapon noong WW1? But I imagine the scenario went something like this, as Purisima outlined the circumstances:. The blog is not an advocacy of any particular cause.

As Presidenthe is not only a political responsible but also by his deeds or lack of. The report submitted by the PNP Crime Laboratory shows that around four 4 SAF commandos with fatal gunshot wounds GSWs to the head and at the mamasapsno of the trunk were deathblows delivered by shooting at close-range.

Travel light esxay konada ngem agaload ta di ka mabisinan. They want someone to say to say: It is important to acknowledge the Moro context, years of disenfranchisement and oppression. But the price was too high for popular acceptance in the emotional Philippines.


Lessons from Mamasapano

This decision gives the two officers major culpability for the outcome. One must massaccre that man is imperfect. MLK, say people fail to get along because they fear each other. In consideration of the peace process, AFP did not deliver the artillery fire support under the consideration of the peace process, and on the absence of compliance with the required protocol.

Lessons from Mamasapano | Inquirer Opinion

He will await the findings of his appointed panel of PNP investigators, and then he will announce a complete version of the findings, to the extent that he does not reveal matters of national security. February 16, at 6: Energy Crisis — me says: In addition, I also suffer from emotions that causes the death of people.

We will cope, and we will adapt, in our own time.

FVR won the presidency but with a weak mandate for whatever the nature of Philippine mandate at the time. Consensus is a result of the balance tipping in one direction.

Security guard charged for rape-slay of La Salle Lipa student. Philippines was ruled by the two colonial powers with a very missionary orientation — Spain insisted on making all their subjects Catholic and America still insists on teaching democracy to everyone in their sphere of influence.

mamasapano massacre essay

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Those questions were not asked during the hearings. So be careful and listen to my advice. And my dear darling can be President. I believe he and his government should be accountable. My own answer is that it is rather futile and destructive to be washing the national laundry so shrilly in the tabloid press, and I figure that people ought to summon up a little more humility, a little more inward looking accountability, learn and move on without ripping the nation to shreds.

Purisima now appears not only corrupt but also incompetent, something that was already suspected in previous performance metrics. He is like a Mamas boy from the East coast trying to tame people in a Wild West saloon, such a guy simply gets punched in the best case.

mamasapano massacre essay

Here is the cast of characters who can be identified based on their obnoxious acts:. This would not be the first time they encountered a problem.

Mamasapano clash

Was it a star? With the hitherto known factsI am inclined to give President Aquino blame for this affair. Even if the Pres didnt give the approval, the operation is legitimate. Not acting on this knowledge would make it possible for Marwan and Usman to escape, which would mean that the long process of gathering information would have to start all over again.