In the face of budget cuts, grueling deadlines, reduced targets, and the lack of a true champion, Foster and Partners have still managed to demonstrate that, through the work they have done thus far for Masdar City, it is genuinely feasible to use integrated design systems to lessen the impact of the harsh desert climate in a way that does not rely entirely on energy-intensive active climate control. Archive Editions, , They were drawn to the Masdar project in the first place because it would offer them a major platform to design and build thanks to the backing of the wealthy Abu Dhabi government, their client a remarkably new kind of city, one that would serve as a paradigm for post-oil urban design and architecture, one that could be adopted by Gulf cities and other cities across the globe in harsh desert climates designed to reduce the demand for active climate control i. In the plan currently in use today fig. At the same time, this development must not contribute to the addition of toxic materials, locally or otherwise, nor the accumulation of persistent synthetic compounds in the biosphere. Because of this, the physical layout, that is to say the urban blocks, of the city is more aleatory as it grew organically, unhindered by a grid.

Notice the emphasis on mixed-use development. Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. Notice the platform that the buildings rest upon and the multiple levels of undercroft spaces, subdivided by function. Rowe and Hashim Sarkis, Notice the wide gaps between buildings at street-level and the narrowing of the gap at higher elevations.

Masdar City: A Dream of the sustainable city | Daniels

Lynne Rienner Publishers, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. University of Washington Press, It wants to build something as quickly as possible and save money in any way that it can. Masdar Institute residential units fig.

masdar city dissertation

It is instead a rather weak attempt at cultural sensitivity. The left image shows the mall section, masdag the right features the souq section.

masdar city dissertation

Princeton Architectural Press, That is why, for example, the Masdar Institute residential buildings built during the second part of Phase I of Masdar City have four floors of housing as opposed those built during the first part of Phase I which have only three floors, even though both types of residential buildings are the same height fig.


Behind this foil is a highly insulating and highly sealed panel. By maximizing for shade through the positioning of buildings and the axial orientation of the entire city, in tandem with optimizing for maximal wind currents passing through the streets and open squares of the city, Foster and Partners have vissertation an extraordinary level of sophistication in sustainable and ecological architecture and urban design.

An Urban Kaleidoscope disserrtation a Globalizing World. The Middle East in Context. University of Chicago Press, Furthermore, the spatial structure of old Cairo features many dead-end court streets and blind alleyways. An Introduction New York: While Shakhbout was friendly to Western oil companies seeking to explore for oil reserves, he hesitated to invest any part of the large fortune he quickly amassed from granting drilling rights to foreign corporations in infrastructure, hospitals, schools, or major development projects for his emirate and his people; he did not want to change the character of Abu Dhabi, which, at that point, had remained historically an undeveloped desert landscape roamed by the autochthonous nomadic Bedouins and their camels, solely punctuated by a collection of mud huts and the Hosn Palace fig.

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Consuming Tradition, Manufacturing Heritage: Up until the last decade or so, there has dissertattion a concerted effort from the top down to erase the memories of old Abu Dhabi so as to clear the way for the rewriting of its past. The Masdar Company, a subsidiary of the Mubadala Development Company, the main investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi, is overseeing and funding the project.

Lynch, Kevin, and Lloyd Rodwin. Up untilmuch of this urban growth and development took place more diasertation less in a piecemeal fashion.

Masdar City: A Dream of the sustainable city

How have the intentions identified in the first section been implemented or neglected, and what sorts of research and development went into the design process? And so, after ousting his brother, Zayed implemented a number of new initiatives, many of which were focused on the rapid urbanization, modernization, and development of Abu Dhabi.


To be fair, though, the rulers of Abu Dhabi share equal blame, for they are funding these narratives as they continue to manufacture heritage and consume tradition. Though these terms are dubious and often contested today, they do invoke, in various ways, a tradition of urbanism, in all of its many valences, diesertation developed in the Arab speaking lands and beyond spanning from the Maghreb and al-Andalus, in the west, to present- day Syria and Iraq, in the east, a tradition that is distinct from the urbanism of Europe.

dissertatiion There is no evidence to suggest that Doxiadis chose this axial alignment in order to maximize shade coverage of the city—in fact, he derived it from the preexisting Grand Trunk Road—but perhaps this was a plan that Foster or someone at his firm studied before and it was relevant when they began to ponder the axial orientation of Masdar. In addition, Foster and Partners deliberately minimized the amount of glazing on each building by about thirty percent, with more glazing positioned on the bottom of the buildings than on the top as there is more shade toward the bottom.

At the opposite end of the ideological spectrum, wherein the expression of a sense of local specificity and history is paramount, is the Egyptian architect and planner Hassan Fathy. Theories of Urban Design New York: Conceptions of Informal Empire. Implementation and a Critical Analysis of Masdar City……… Furthermore, how does the master plan of Masdar compare and contrast with some of the cities it claims to be borrowing ideas from, in terms of urban design?

Notice the northwest-southeast axial orientation of the grid. Old Cairo and Muscat as sources of inspiration for their designs of masxar new city and its architecture. Conceptions of Informal Empire Houndsmills: